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industrial sprockets

Tsubaki’s Smart Tooth sprockets use a specialized Wear Indicator technology
November 14, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Chains are the heart of Tsubaki of Canada’s business, and the company also specializes in manufacturing industrial sprockets, from double-pitch conveyor to made-to-order sprockets. One of the more innovative products in this group…

industrial chain solutions

The Canadian mining industry relies heavily on Tsubaki chain products
October 22, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki has provided great industrial chain solutions for a variety of sectors for more than a century, including 45 years with its Canadian affiliate, Tsubaki of Canada. General manufacturing gets amazing benefits from…

drive chains

Tsubaki’s great products range from drive chains to cam clutches
October 5, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

For 45 years, Tsubaki of Canada has been providing top chain solutions across the country, from drive chains to conveyor ones. More than one-third of industrial chains being used in Canada are by…

cam clutches

Cam clutches by Tsubaki are designed for efficiency and savings
September 20, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Cost savings is a common benefit that companies get from Tsubaki of Canada products, and this goes for more than the company’s famous chains. Tsubaki also produces a good selection of cam clutches,…

automotive chains

Tsubaki chain products meet the demands of the automotive sector
September 11, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki of Canada’s chains are strong and versatile enough to suit applications in a variety of industries; they are highly useful in forestry, food processing, mining, and general manufacturing. The automotive sector is…

forestry chains

The forestry industry benefits highly from Tsubaki’s many chain products
August 22, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

With decades of success and credibility in the industrial market, Tsubaki of Canada can produce and supply high-end chains for a number of important industries, including mining, food processing, and the automotive sector.…

stainless steel sprockets

Tsubaki Super Stainless sprockets and attachments withstand extreme operating conditions
August 13, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki of Canada recently released its Super Stainless line of industrial chains – and these strong, sturdy products can be paired with the company’s new Super Stainless Sprockets and Super Stainless Attachments. This…

industrial chain products

The food-processing industry benefits highly from Tsubaki’s many chain products
July 31, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Industrial chain products are an absolute necessity for many manufacturing companies; without them, a lot of important equipment could not function. Because of this, Tsubaki of Canada is a valuable contributor to the…

chain solutions

Tsubaki has provided top chain solutions for over a century
July 19, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Last year, Tsubaki celebrated its 100th anniversary. That means it has now logged more than a century of top chain solutions for manufacturers in many countries – including 45 years in Canada, via…

industrial chains

Online chain configurator from Tsubaki helps customers select their preferences
July 9, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki of Canada is a major source of industrial chains, carriers, sprockets, and related products – all of them durable, reliable, and long-lasting. With all of the different chains available, sorting through the…

stainless steel chain

Tsubaki’s new Super Stainless Chain blends strength with corrosion resistance
June 27, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Innovation in motion has been the guiding principle for every product that Tsubaki of Canada develops. For more than a century, including 45 years in Canada, this company has strived to manufacture chains…

chains and carriers

The machine-tool industry trusts KabelSchlepp for chains and cable carriers
June 20, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

A member of the Tsubaki group, KabelSchlepp is a major source of industrial chains and carriers for cable. This manufacturer provides first-rate products to keep equipment going smoothly in a number of important…

cable carrier system

KabelSchlepp cable carrier system prevents machine failure for equipment manufacturer
June 11, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

KabelSchlepp is more than a valuable sister company of Tsubaki of Canada; it is a veteran of the cable carrier system, with more than half a century of experience under its belt. The…

precision machining

Precision machining technology makes Bergen stand out from the rest
June 11, 2018 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Bergen Cable distinguishes itself in many ways, primarily as a top North American supplier of cable products for more than three-quarters of a century. One of the many aspects that set this company…

broach machines

Ohio Broach helps European bearing manufacturer with custom-designed broach machine
May 10, 2018 by The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

With more than 60 years in the broaching business, it is no surprise that The Ohio Broach and Machine Company has a history paved with success stories. From broach machines to broaching tools…

chains and cable

KabelSchlepp chains and cable carriers suit cranes and material handling
April 16, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

KabelSchlepp is a member of the Tsubaki group, with an inventory of chains and cable carriers for use in several different industries. The manufacturer has been a leader in these areas for more…

cable carriers

Tsubaki replaces aerospace manufacturer’s cable carriers with almost no downtime
April 5, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki of Canada offers a wide range of cables, cable carriers, and complete cable systems through its sister company, KabelSchlepp. A veteran manufacturer that invented the modern cable and hose carrier chain, KabelSchlepp…


INSIGHTqc controller from Ingersoll Rand is far easier to use
March 13, 2018 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Ingersoll Rand produces many innovative assembly tools for industrial use that are available in Canada from Dobco Equipment. One unique product from this manufacturer is the INSIGHTqc controller – a simpler, more flexible…

cable carriers

Important applications in manufacturing and factory automation use KabelSchlepp products
March 12, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

A member of the Tsubaki group, KabelSchlepp manufactures a wide assortment of industrial products for several major Canadian sectors, from cables and hoses to cable carriers and accessories. One of these sectors is…

chain sprockets

Always change the sprockets when replacing roller chains, says Tsubaki
March 1, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

One of the traits that make Tsubaki of Canada stand out among providers of chains, chain sprockets, bushings, and related products is its wealth of expertise. This company has amassed a lot of…

caps and plugs

Daemar is always Canadian industry’s top source for Caplugs products
February 28, 2018 by Daemar Inc.

For 45 years, Daemar Inc. has earned a reputation as one of the country’s premier distributors of essential components for the manufacturing and MRO marketplace. One of Daemar’s biggest advantages is its astonishing…

Advice from Tsubaki on how to minimize mechanical chain wear
February 15, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki of Canada has a long-time reputation as a provider of high-quality industrial chains – specifically drive, engineered, and conveyor chains. But even the strong, sturdy chains that Tsubaki offers are vulnerable to…

Tsubaki products satisfy clients in a variety of different industries
February 2, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Since Tsubaki of Canada first opened its doors nearly 45 years ago, the company has earned a solid reputation for premium power transmission products that can serve a plethora of industrial needs. Whether…

Titan chains from Tsubaki last longer in harsh environments
January 22, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

As a leading provider of roller chains, Tsubaki of Canada aims to keep up with the latest innovations and advances. One product that stands out among those of competitors as a cutting-edge development…

Quality conveyor chains meet the needs of many applications
November 22, 2017 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki is proud to carry a wide selection of conveyor chains. The leading manufacturer of chains and conveyor equipment has standardized many of its conveyor chains to meet the needs of various operating…

How to maximize conveyor productivity
November 21, 2017 by Norpak Handling Limited

Automation is a critical part of production processes in many facilities. Industrial conveyors often play a large role in these processes, as they help to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and create a seamlessly…

Non-contact temperature sensors turbocharge production
April 29, 2015 by Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature sensors can push production line performance to record highs. The company says its sensors measure the actual temperature and thermal signature of every product on the line with unprecedented speed and accuracy,…

Survey results reveal workforce challenges
March 4, 2015 by Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

Improving labour productivity presents huge challenges for the manufacturing and services and distribution sectors, according to research conducted by Gatepoint Research.  Last year, the company invited select HR, finance and operations executives from the manufacturing and…

Alps Welding fabricates highly engineered vessels to meet specific requirements
February 6, 2015 by Alps Welding Ltd

After more than 40 years in the business, Alps Welding has earned a reputation for being much more than a custom fabrication shop. The Woodbridge, Ont.-based company can offer everything from design services…

Coca Cola uses Lapp cables
January 30, 2015 by Lapp Canada Inc

It’s true — Coca-Cola is one of the world’s best-known brands, and it uses Lapp cables in its European bottling plants.  But with great success comes great responsibility. Coca-Cola’s bottling operation, therefore, observes…

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