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Elmridge Engineering Inc.

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ELMRIDGE Engineering Inc designers, manufacturers, & distributors of Industrial Jet Apparatus. ELMRIDGE designs and manufactures hundred of different styles and models of Ejectors, Eductors, Exhausters etc., commonly referred to as “Jet-Apparatus”, in virtually any machinable, moldable, or castable material. Our years of experience and unparalleled customer service have enabled us to develop a customer base that includes all types of industry. Most standard items are generally in stock for immediate delivery, and special designs, configurations, and materials, can be rapidly provided.

Year established: 1995
Number of employees: 25
Estimated annual revenue: $5,000,000 to $9,999,999

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Air & Gas Exhausters

Pumping Gases Using Motive Liquid and Steam/Compressed Gas – ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors, Exhausters, Infusers & Gas-Jet Ejectors and Exhausters  Pumping Gases Using Motive Liquid ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors, Exhausters, and Gas & Chemical Infusers use

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Using Motive Liquid and Compressed Gas – ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet & Gas-Jet Solids Eductors Pumping Solids Using Motive Liquid ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Solids Eductors use liquid under pressure as the motive fluid, and effectively pump or

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Using Motive Liquid and Steam/Compressed Gas – ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors & Gas-Jet Steam Siphons Pumping Liquids Using Motive Liquids ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Eductors use water or other liquids under pressure as the Motive fluid, and operate

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Jet Apparatus

‘Jet Apparatus’ is a term typically used to identify a piece of equipment that uses a fluid under pressure (liquid/gas/vapor), to perform work on, and in direct contact with, another medium (liquid/gas/vapor/granular solid), in

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Steam Spargers

Heating Liquids External to and Inside a Tank – ELMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Line-Type Heaters & Gas-Jet Steam Spargers Heating Liquids External to a Tank (In-Line) LMRIDGE Liqui-Jet Line-Type Heaters are a highly efficient and economical

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Tank Mixers

Mixing Liquids Inside a Tank Liqui-Jet Mixing Eductors ELMRIDGE ‘ME Series’ Liqui-Jet Mixing Eductors vigorously and efficiently circulate the liquid contents of tanks without powered impellers or other insertion-type rotating mechanical devices.  ELMRIDGE ‘ME SERIES’

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Our Committment is Our Motto: "Quality Products - Competitive Pricing - Fast Delivery"

Elmridge Engineering Inc.

Value Proposition

As a manufacturer of high performance Jet Apparatus, ELMRIDGE recognizes recognizes the critical role it plays in the management of health and safety at work and the protection of the environment as a whole. ELMRIDGE is therefore committed to the principles of risk reduction, pollution prevention and undertaking its operations as a responsible corporate member of society.

Areas of Expertise

  • Chemical Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Wastewater Management

  • Water Management


  • Tel. (905) 726-7730

    Mr Strachan Bowen


Elmridge Engineering - TLH LIT Series Catalogue

ELMRIDGE ‘TLH’ Series Liqui-Jet Line-Type Heaters area highly efficient and economical means of heating smallto large volumes of liquids `in-line.’ The liquid to be heatedis accelerated through a specially designed narrow-anglefull-cone converging nozzle

Elmridge Engineering - TLE LIT Series Catalogue

ELMRIDGE ‘TLE’ Series Liqui-Jet Gas &Chemical Infusers use water or other liquidsas the motive fluid, and operate on the venturiprinciple to inject gases or other liquidsinto a pressurized liquid stream.

Elmridge Engineering - TLST LIT Series Catalogue

ELMRIDGE `TLST Series’ Liqui-Jet Solids Eductors use liquid under pressure as the Motive fluid, and effectivelypump, slurry, or convey granular solids. The principle of operation for the TLST Series is the same as