REDWIRE Weisang FlexPro 2017 software makes measuring applications quicker and easier

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FlexPro 2017 is the latest edition of Weisang's acclaimed FlexPro software.

Engineers, measurement-technology experts, and scientists often work with complicated measuring tasks, some of which affect the quality and safety of manufactured products. To make these tasks more easy and efficient, Weisang GmbH developed FlexPro data analysis software more than 25 years ago. The most recent edition of this powerful and intuitive software, FlexPro 2017, is available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

With FlexPro 2017, users can analyze and present their information with greater speed, accuracy, and ease than ever before.

Excellent analysis of dynamic processes

Using FlexPro data analysis software, scientists and engineers can search through large amounts of data in virtually no time and import measurement information in all popular formats, including Microsoft Excel and ASCII. Analyses of any number of measurements are immediately accessible at one’s fingertips.

FlexPro 2017 uses state-of-the-art analysis procedures on the most precise measurements possible. Millions of measurement values can be processed in seconds with a multicore CPU and then shared with colleagues over a network. This latest edition comes with several new features:

  • Redesigned user interface that emulates the layout and feel of Microsoft Office, highlighting important commands and enabling the insertion of optional tools;
  • Dynamic tables and diagrams;
  • Diagram and table format templates;
  • Conditional table formatting;
  • Intelligent text import; and
  • Optional file indexing in client/server mode.

With the new layout features of this data analysis software, users can create custom templates for presentation and analysis, combining all measurement information with map displays and videos.

Durham Instruments recommends FlexPro 2017 for many important industries, including general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, forestry, education, the medical field, the military, mining, packing, utilities, transportation, and research and development. It is suited to a plethora of applications, like vehicle test runs, analyzing electrical signals, monitoring oil compressors and pumps, developing and testing construction or engineering equipment, and much more. Users can measure temperature, acceleration, strain, and many other quantities through FlexPro 2017’s multiple channels.

Easy to use and to customize, FlexPro 2017 is a must-have for any difficult measuring applications in the industrial landscape.

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Posted by Durham Instruments

Engineers, measurement-technology experts, and scientists often work with complicated measuring tasks, some of which aff... Read more

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