REDWIRE Suffering from noisy co-worker blues? Try Provincial Partitions’ demountable office partitions

November 26, 2014 REDWIRE is news you can use from leading suppliers. Powered by FRASERS.

At some point in our professional lives, we’ve all encountered the “noisy” co-worker.

Not to be confused with the “nosy” colleague — who can be just as aggravating — the noisy neighbour who talks loudly on the phone or “whispers” at full volume when reading or writing at their desk can bring your own productivity to a screeching halt.

Since asking the boss for your own office is likely wishful thinking, suggesting the convenience and practicality of an office partition may be a more likely resolution.

Provincial Partitions System 40 demountable office partitions is a modular office space solution that offers a wide range of benefits.

1. They’re affordable. Demountable office partitions are created to save companies time and money. The unique design and structure of these partitions allow for a minimal number of parts, which means fewer costs upfront and during the construction process.

2. They’re flexible. Whether a company is setting up shop, expanding or relocating, the big bonus of modular office space systems is that companies can now easily adapt to organizational changes and keep up with the speed of business.

3. They’re quick to install. Don’t be surprised if you walk into a newly designed modular office space that has been completed in a number of days or even hours. Assembling and dismantling demountable office partitions can be fast since these structures have minimal parts needed for construction. Reconfiguration of walls, doors, windows and structures is fast to build and connect thanks to modular office systems using pre-existing structures inside the area. Erecting interchangeable panels is seamless because mechanical fasteners are unnecessary, requiring little prep or production time to build versus traditional office space construction.

4. They’re private and quiet. Professionally installed office partitions and modular space solutions can ensure that structures will absorb sound by using high quality materials and construction expertise. Provincial Partitions System 40 office partitions include acoustical components and fixtures that can filter out sounds of at least 50-60 decibels, which is the noise level of a normal conversation.

Provincial Partitions has designed, manufactured and installed its patented System 40 demountable partitions for more than 33 years. Its System 40 re-locatable, demountable and non-progressive partition system is constructed with durable, quality components, including one-hour fire-rated metal-clad panels.

Designing functional and affordable modular spaces is the company’s niche, whether it’s office partitions, modular in-plant offices or interior and exterior building structures. Visit to browse through the company’s expansive selection. Contact them directly to learn how modular office spaces can help your business.