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Industrial magnets attract a lot of power in the manufacturing sector.

Industrial electromagnetic and electro-permanent mechanisms are used to draw in or repel sizable metal or steel objects.

Manufacturing applications requiring lifting, holding, raising, grasping, dropping, piling, loading, demagnetizing objects, and even filtering substances, are beneficial to industries from automotive to pharmaceuticals.

Attract the right information. Make a checklist of the following eight factors when it comes to proper magnetic selection for your industrial application.

1. Scratch the surface

Take note of the work application surface area. Rough versus smooth exterior, even or irregular texture, or does the surface have a machined finish?

2. Try the application dimensions on for size

Pull out your measuring tools to calculate the application area in terms of length, width, thickness and weight.

3. Mind the gap

An air gap is the distance of maximum protection necessary between a system and other devices. Secure a safe space between the work surface and the face of the magnet, taking into account both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

4. Stay composed when deciding on the composition of the application

Ask yourself if the application involves carbide, nickel, high carbon content steel, rolled steel or tool steel. Take stock of the temperatures of these metals too, whether hot, warm or cold.

5. Take the heat off and be cool as a cucumber when checking the magnet workspace temperature

What ambient and service temperatures will the magnet operate and be housed in?

6. Will the magnet work around the clock or have mandatory rest breaks?

What type of duty cycle will the magnet be on? Does the application require the magnet to operate 25% of the time, half the time or at all times?

7. Stick shift or cruise control?

What is the preferred method of operation for the magnet to function? Manual mode or automatic operation? How many times per minute will the magnet run?

8. Be an artist for a day: sketch or take a photo of the work area, detailed specifications and type of magnet needed

Scribble or doodle your desired concept and we will turn it into reality.

We also like real-life pictures too, whether you take photos on your smart phone, iPad or on simple shoot and click camera. Fax, upload or come in person with your masterpiece.

The more images and information we have, the easier it will be for us to design a unique, custom magnet just right for your application.

Magnetool Inc. is a leader in designing and manufacturing permanent magnet and electromagnetic devices for industries, including the automotive, construction and material handling sectors. 


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Industrial magnets attract a lot of power in the manufacturing sector. Industrial electromagnetic and electro-permanent... Read more

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