REDWIRE Get rid of sludge conveyor drive motor breakdowns once and for all

August 11, 2014 REDWIRE is news you can use from leading suppliers. Powered by FRASERS.

Tired of your sludge conveyor drive mucking up your business’ productivity?

Sludge conveyor drives are essential pieces of wastewater treatment equipment prone to multiple, sustained breakdowns when the electric motor, the heart of the unit, suffers from multi-shaft gear drive fatigue.

Electric multi-shaft gear drive repair and replacement can be a prohibitive endeavour. Avoid taking the steep route and opt to use an independent hydraulic motor and their associated gears.

Don’t get stuck in quagmire. Scan through these four benefits on using independent hydraulic motors to help put your sludge conveyor into overdrive.

At-ease adaptability

Independent hydraulic motors can be easily installed by a trained specialist who can adjust the motor’s line speed and torque independently to ensure maximum performance with minimal tweaking.

Laid-back loading

These specific types of hydraulic motors enable operators to check and record each line pressure gauge, as well as the load on each individual conveyor more efficiently; this allows for simple comparisons to be made between different conveyors.

Side-step shear pins

Shear pins are a thing of the past, thanks to pressure switches that monitors each individual line load. If the conveyor becomes overloaded, the hydraulic motor shuts off the conveyor automatically.

Do away with downtime

Prime yourself on preventative maintenance programs that go hand and hand with independent hydraulic motors. An authorized, professional dealer of these types of units are technically trained to provide on-site repairs that can have equipment up and running with minimal turnaround time.

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