REDWIRE Packaging company embraces “sustainability through innovation”

November 20, 2014 REDWIRE is news you can use from leading suppliers. Powered by FRASERS.

The key to ”sustainable innovation” is the right combination of technology and attitude. Hood Packaging, a manufacturer of industrial and consumer packaging materials, believes it has found that combination.

“Where some see the move towards greener products and more earth-friendly lifestyles as a threat, we at Hood Packaging see it as an opportunity, and a chance to utilize our people, knowledge, supplier partnerships and understanding of the markets we serve to create new packages that will meet the changing needs of today's consumer,” the company says. 

Through a commitment to research, testing and continuous innovation, the company has taken a leadership role in introducing new packages that meet and exceed customer expectations, while making important contributions to environmental security.

Its EB1 bag is a great example. 

In recent years, there has been a move to package such bulk products as pet foods in heavy gauge laminated plastic bags. Such bags are strong, boast outstanding graphics, and do a great job of preserving product quality — but they can’t be recycled.

Hood Packaging Corporation engineers took a look at that, and decided that green innovation could take a good product and make it better. Through the use of advanced plastics technology and EB coating systems, the EB1 bag has all the advantages of the heavy gauge laminated sack — great strength, outstanding graphics and superior product production — but the one differentiator is that it’s 100 per cent recyclable.

Another sustainable innovation is single-ply paper bags (in place of multiwall paper bags) to pack cement, mortar mix, chemicals, seeds, feeds, absorbents, pet foods, and such human food products as flour and sugar. Whereas multiwall sacks typically use three, four or five plies of paper to achieve needed strength and product protection, Hood Packaging’s single-ply bags are technically advanced, high strength, completely recyclable paper. When less paper is used to package the same amount of product, energy consumption is reduced, as are greenhouse gas emissions and transports costs, and forest resources are preserved. 

To learn more about Hood Packaging’s commitment to sustainability, visit the company’s website.