REDWIRE New hybrid adhesive offers the best of both worlds

January 21, 2015 REDWIRE is news you can use from leading suppliers. Powered by FRASERS.

Adhesives are critical components in many industrial applications — from production to maintenance. The types of adhesives are just as varied as the applications, and each have their own sets of benefits. 

In the past, the industry application dictated the adhesive product that had to be used. Instant adhesive gave you a substrate versatility with ease of use and a quick cure, while structural adhesive provided impact, moisture and heat resistance. Now there’s an adhesive that delivers both speed and strength in one package. 

Henkel’s Loctite 4090 is an innovative hybrid adhesive that combines the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive to solve the toughest design, assembly and repair challenges. In addition, the hybrid adhesive is designed to deliver high-quality performance in extreme environments and challenging conditions. 

What does this mean for the user? 

“Your costs will go down, you’ll save time in production and cut material expenses, with all the benefits combined into one great product,” the company says.

Loctite 4090 features high-impact resistance for highly stressed joints and applications exposed to vibration. In fact, its high-impact and vibration resistance is three times more than that of instant adhesives. It also features high moisture resistance for outdoor and other applications that demand good humidity and solvent resistance in various environments. Another plus: it has been tested to resist extreme heat conditions — up to 150 degrees C. It can also fill gaps up to five mm for fast bonding of various substrates (metals, plastics, rubbers, etc.).

In addition to combining the critical attributes of structural and instant adhesives, Loctite 4090 offers: fast cure even at low temperatures of -40 degrees C; low blooming for appearance-sensitive applications; very good chemical and solvent resistance to motor oil, gasoline, ethanol, isopropanol and water; and excellent water/humidity resistance.

Henkel manufactures a wide range of industrial adhesives for every application — from instant adhesives to pressure sensitive tape adhesives, structural adhesives to threadlocker adhesives. Contact Henkel for more details on Loctite 4090 or any of its other offerings.