REDWIRE Network security solutions help manufacturers protect against breaches

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Network security is a real concern for many industries — including manufacturing — whether the breach is deliberate or accidental, an internal threat or an external threat. Networks are vulnerable on multiple levels — from malware attacks, to manipulation or theft of operational data, to unauthorized network access. 

As more industrial operations become linked to corporate networks and connectivity is pushed out to devices, the number of entrance points onto the network increases significantly. This makes it vital to assess where security vulnerabilities may occur, and develop safeguards within the infrastructure to reduce the opportunity for intrusion.

Are you protected against potential threats?


Panduit offers solutions that manage and strengthen network security in the physical layer. The company helps prevent unauthorized access or accidental breaches by establishing a robust physical network infrastructure that offers barriers to network-wide security risks through the use of an integrated physical and logical architecture.


Panduit helps customers achieve network security with: physical infrastructure dedicated to the manufacturing zone to create a safe zone that stops incoming security breaches from being passed onto the network; lockable zone enclosures and cabinets that keep equipment and cables organized for quick diagnostic checks and changes while providing controlled access; and devices that can either be included in the initial design, such as keyed plugs and faceplates, or installed at any time, such as jack blockouts/lockin-devices for Ethernet and USB port solutions.

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Network security is a real concern for many industries — including manufacturing — whether the breach is del... Read more

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