REDWIRE Need an air compressor? Ask yourself these questions first

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Thinking of going on an air compressor shopping spree for your business?

Specialized automation functions need certain types of air compressors that consistently fulfill the required specifications depending on the size, frequency and demands of the application.

Save money, effort and time by reading up on the most frequently asked questions when selecting the correct air compressor for your company’s needs. 

How often will the air compressor be used?

Automation experts recommended portable or contractor air compressors that have a 50-50 duty cycle when used every other day. 

For industrial purposes that require daily use, opt for a more advance performing air compressor with a higher duty cycle, such as a two-stage air compressor.

Low maintenance a priority?

Select a contractor air compressor when minimal maintenance is important since this type of compressor is compact and lightweight.

Need mobility or work on-site?

Choose a portable, single-stage air compressor when operating pneumatic or hydraulic tools. Opt for a stationary, two-stage air compressor for industrial applications in a workshop or plant.

Power struggles – go electric or gas engine?

Generally, 115 volts power portable air compressors whereas single-stage compressors and two-stage compressors operate on 230 volts. Gas engine-powered air compressors are needed when electricity is not an option.

Upgrade vs. downsize

If your business plans to bump up production down the road, invest in a larger air compressor now so that you save time and money rather than buying a new compressor for to replace a small version bought.

Don’t forget to include air compressor lubricant to the list!

Air compressor lubricant is vital component, yet often missed or secondary consideration to the air compressor.

Air compressor lubricant cuts friction, corrosion, as well as your overall repair and maintenance costs.

Spend the money and time now on proper, high quality air compressor grade lubricant to ensure consistent functioning of your industrial air compressor, which will also provide long-lasting performance on the return on your investment in the future.

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