REDWIRE FlexPro 2017 software enables quick, easy data analysis and presentation

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FlexPro 2017

FlexPro 2017 is a lightning-fast upgrade.

Durham Instruments’ inventory of measurement devices covers a very broad range. The supplier even has the latest upgrade of Weisang GmbH’s line of FlexPro analysis software, the perfect solution for engineers, measurement-technology experts, scientists, and contractors who need an easier means of data analysis. FlexPro 2017 makes complicated measuring tasks more convenient with added features – on top of its ability to search through large amounts of information at high speed.

A free 30-day trial

FlexPro 2017 is powerful, intuitive software for data analysis and presentation, particularly for users who are responsible for product quality and safety. Weisang is offering a free 30-day trial of this software, with no obligation; customers can download it here.

With this FlexPro upgrade, users can evaluate measurements interactively, as its potent cursor tools help them see what they measured immediately and extract key information from data with no calculations required. The curser tools can view, mark, and dimension measured data. FlexPro 2017 excels at analyzing dynamic processes, and the user can analyze and present data with a simple button click. All created elements are linked to each other, from raw data to the final report. The extensive FlexPro library provides easy-to-use templates, allowing operators to modify analysis procedure and see the effects on the results instantly.

Another key feature is the capability of analyzing multi-channel data quickly, such as temperature, acceleration, and strain, with presentation features that adjust automatically to the data. Users can also do the following:

  • Search through large data amounts lightning-fast;
  • Import measure data in all popular formats;
  • Use analyses on multiple measurements with a mere button click;
  • Use new procedures to analyze measure data precisely;
  • Process millions of measurement values in seconds with a multicore CPU; and
  • Share analysis templates with colleagues over a network.

Weisang recommends FlexPro 2017 for applications in the aerospace, automotive, rail, electronics, energy, oil and gas, coal, steel, military, and mechanical-engineering industries. In addition, Durham Instruments deems it suitable for automation, food processing, forestry, education, the medical field, mining, packaging, and research and development.

For more information, contact Durham Instruments.