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Have you ever dissected a commercial or industrial HVAC system?

To save you the trouble, trust that inside your HVAC you will find vital mechanisms containing a blower, dampers, heating or cooling components, filter chambers and sound attenuators, all neatly packaged inside a shiny metal box. The sum of these parts is what makes up an air handling unit, also conveniently referred to as an AHU.

AHUs are typically integrated into ventilation systems that circulate newly conditioned air throughout an area, which then boomerangs back to the AHU itself.

To take the AHU training up a notch, some professional businesses turn toward using direct gas-fired AHUs.

Commercial-run kitchens, industrial painting facilities and distribution warehouses all benefit from direct gas-fired AHUs because of its elevated performance in high-exhaust and infiltration capabilities.

Know a restaurateur, industrial painter or plant manager who could benefit from a direct gas-fired AHU?

Skim through the following quick facts experts advise on direct gas-fired air handling units that you can share with your business associates.

Top up your direct gas-fired AHU knowledge with these top six facts:

  • Gas burners are installed inside the direct gas-fired AHU’s air stream


  • Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are emitted into the air stream, which is then released into the required area


  • Unit sizes range from 1,000 cfm to 100,000 cfm (cfm equals cubic feet per minute)


  • Direct gas-fired AHUs contain state-of-the-art burner control structures


  • Burner control systems have a heating capacity of 80,000 Btuh to 10,000 Btuh (or British Thermal Units per Hour, a measurement of heat energy released when fuel is consumed)


  • Components of direct gas-fired AHUs include burners, filters, housings, intake dampers, outside air intake hoods and supply fans

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Have you ever dissected a commercial or industrial HVAC system? To save you the trouble, trust that inside your HVAC you... Read more

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