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Weisang's popular FlexPro software now has new features.

Weisang GmbH released a major upgrade of its FlexPro analysis software last year, after more than a quarter of a century of making measurement-data analysis easier in many industries. The latest incarnation, FlexPro 2017, makes the process more convenient with new features. It is available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Already acclaimed for its ability to search through large amounts of information at high speed, FlexPro analysis software is now better than ever.

With a redesigned user interface

FlexPro 2017’s versatility makes it suitable for applications in a wide range of industries. Weisang recommends it for use in aviation, the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, the military, coal and steel, oil and gas, electronics, and rail transportation. In addition, Durham Instruments encourages its use in automation, food processing, forestry, education, the medical field, mining, packaging, power generation, and research and development.

FlexPro enables scientists and engineers to search through measurement info in little time and import data into Microsoft Excel, ASCII, and other common formats. Among the features that Weisang has added to this analysis software:

  • A redesigned user interface that emphasizes important commands and allows users to insert optional tools;
  • Dynamic tables and diagrams, plus diagram/table format templates;
  • Conditional table formatting;
  • Intelligent text import; and
  • Optional file indexing in client/server mode.

FlexPro’s interactive design offers users more convenience and flexibility than a pure programming environment does. Users access large amounts of data quickly with data queries and process information easily and in seconds, even millions of measuring points. A centralized core application is available for an entire work team for processing large volumes of data; the only limit is the size of the hard disk.

With FlexPro 2017, companies can speed up analysis procedures, obtain additional knowledge, and streamline overall processes. This helps not only the company, but also the customers.

About the companies

Headquartered in St. Ingbert, Germany, Weisang GmbH has provided software and engineering solutions for test and measurement since 1991.

Durham Instruments is a major Canadian distributor of electronic quantitative measuring instruments, based in Pickering, Ont.

To learn more, contact Durham Instruments.


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Weisang GmbH released a major upgrade of its FlexPro analysis software last year, after more than a quarter of a century... Read more

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