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HBM SD01A Zener safety barrier sets, available from Durham Instruments

HBM Test and Measurement continues to be a global market leader in measurement and control instruments, manufacturing products that work for an amazing range of measuring applications in multiple industries. Its inventory is available in Canada from Durham Instruments – including the HBM SD01A Zener line of safety barriers.

HBM recommends using the SD01A barrier set with strain-gauge (SG) transducers connected to carrier-frequency and DC amplifiers that are balanced to ground.

Safe handling and reliable measurement

Zener safety barriers are used to process small voltages and currents in instrumentation and control engineering. They contain intrinsically safe circuits that operate safe field devices, like load cells and force transducers, in dangerous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. HBM deems the SD01A barrier set suitable for SG transducers in full-bridge circuit, six-wire configurations.

The SD01A barrier set consists of three optimized safety barriers for intrinsically safe installation in these hazardous atmospheres. It comes with detailed documentation, including circuitry and wiring diagrams, to promote safe handling. HBM has tried and tested these instruments repeatedly, installing them in DIN rails in the control cabinet, to ensure their reliability and success.

HBM recommends its SD01A Zener safety barrier sets for use in a wide number of applications in process and factory automation. Durham Instruments also deems these instruments suitable in many other industries, including general manufacturing, aerospace, food processing, forestry, education, medicine, the military, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, transportation, and research and development.

HBM safety barriers are available in 11 different sizes, for maximum possible cable lengths ranging from 25 to 500 metres. Transducers range from 1 X 350 Ohm to a maximum of 6 X 350 Ohm, with excitation ranging from one to five volts CF or DC.

About the companies

HBM Test and Measurement is a renowned manufacturer of measurement equipment. Headquartered in Germany, the company was established in 1950.

Founded in 1977, Durham Instruments is a distributor of electronic quantitative measuring instruments, with headquarters in Pickering, Ont. and three other Canadian locations.

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HBM Test and Measurement continues to be a global market leader in measurement and control instruments, manufacturing pr... Read more

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