REDWIRE The Ten Commandments to increase the life expectancy of elastomeric expansion joints

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Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of an elastomeric expansion joint’s life.

Used to absorb shock in movement, to reduce machinery noise and to decrease stress loads, elastomeric expansion joints have a wide range of functions, including chemical and industrial piping, waste water disposal and HVAC applications.

Generally, elastomeric expansion joints have a life expectancy of five years from the date of manufacture when stored in ideal conditions.

But expect the service life of expansion joints to shrivel, most often, when stored improperly.

Brittleness, cracking and inflexibility are some of the product defects that occur when improper storage eats away at the integrity of the material layers and inner structures. Instances such as abrasion, environmental exposure, flow rate, pressure and temperature all can affect the service condition of expansion joints.

Want your elastomeric expansion joints to live long and prosper? Follow these 10 commandments to ensure that your humble yet heavy-duty joints have a new lease on life.

  • Thou shalt store expansion joints in a cool, dry area


  • Thou shalt not store expansion joints lying on one flange face


  • Thou shalt not carelessly expose the flange faces and tube to cuts, holes and scratches


  • Remember not to expose expansion joints to grease, oils or solvents


  • Honour the strength of the sun and shield expansion joints from its harmful UV rays


  • Thou shalt not store expansion joints close to devices that emit ozone (O3)


  • Thou shalt not place external objects atop the flanges of the expansion joint


  • Thou shalt not forget to dutifully inspect the expansion joint for possible deterioration


  • Thou shalt not be imprudent in performing proper and routine maintenance


  • Thou shalt not neglect to contact the manufacturer if all else fails

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Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of an elastomeric expansion joint’s life. Used to absorb shock in... Read more

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