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Who doesn’t love a good foam party? Something about bubbles, suds and foam brings a certain lightness and fun in the air. Foam is not, however, just a pretty façade: foam is also quite a practical material for many manufacturers who use it for a multitude of industrial applications.

Foam carries daily responsibilities inside commercially used products or as part of a manufactured component to protect those commercial goods.

Need examples?

How about Styrofoam cups that hold early morning commuters’ coffee? The foam packaging securing fragile automotive parts shipped from the auto shop. A gel foam keyboard pad snuggly cushioning wrists attached to fast and furiously typing fingers. Foam toys. Foam insulation. Memory foam. Furniture made from foam. You get the point.

Join the party by getting acquainted with three main types of foam designed as sheets, rolls, strips and rods. Who knows? You might find a great match for your foam application. 

Cross-link polyethylene foam is a fine-celled, thick yet supple skinned foam that lets water roll off its back. Beyond water resistant properties, this particular foam also unaffected by ozone and damaging abrasions.

Cross-link likes to cross all boundaries with limitless application uses – a true social butterfly. Because of its protective prowess, cross-link polyethylene comes in multiple densities and thicknesses for consumer and commercial applications from automotive trunk liners to yoga mats.

Ethafoam is a reliably durable, resilient and tensile material packing a protective punch against chemicals, heavy loads, vibration as well as water.

The value-added bonus of its shock absorbency properties makes Ethafoam a clear winner when it comes to selecting a foam designed to cushion the blow of fragile items or as a safeguard to protecting goods while in transit.

A foam party favourite, Ethafoam is versatile in different densities, sheets and rods.

Poron is part of the Urethane Foam family rich in high density and low compression properties. Poron can go on for long: this specifically designed microcellular foam is an excellent match of cushioning, gasketing and sealing applications.

Pegged as an adaptable, go with the flow type of foam, Poron makes a perfect addition to the foam party line up with multipurpose features, including enhanced shock absorbing qualities; no wonder using Poron is a step in the right direction for athletic, fashion and orthopedic shoe insoles.

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Who doesn’t love a good foam party? Something about bubbles, suds and foam brings a certain lightness and fun in t... Read more

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