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sealing products

Denso North America can meet all corrosion-prevention and sealing needs
December 27, 2018 by Denso North America Inc

From oil companies that need to protect pipelines from corrosion to municipal infrastructure workers who need to seal structures from water, many organizations count on Denso North America for the best solutions. The…

vinyl grips

Vinyl grips by MOCAP are designed to fit any application
December 27, 2018 by MOCAP

MOCAP is a top source of industrial protective products, with an unusually broad portfolio of caps, plugs, masking products, flange protectors, and more. Another popular item the company manufactures is four types of…

curved chains

Lambda chain by Tsubaki helps sawmill get maximum conveyor performance
December 27, 2018 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Tsubaki of Canada is the name to trust for top chain solutions, from curved chains to asphalt chains and drum sprockets and much more. For more than a century – including 45 years…

thermal mass flow meters

Flow meters by Teledyne Hastings available in two main series
December 26, 2018 by Durham Instruments

Teledyne Hastings Instruments manufactures the Digital 300 series of thermal mass flow meters and controllers, available in Canada from Durham Instruments. These flow sensors are designed to measure mass flow accurately, without corrections…

component manufacturer

Tooling firms, engineering companies, and more can recommend Matritech’s services
December 26, 2018 by Matritech Inc.

Matritech Inc. is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary as a major component manufacturer. The company provides machining services for important industries, including transportation, energy, construction, medical devices, and HVAC. Its high-profile clients…

laboratory automation

Festo opens new development centre for life sciences in Boston
December 23, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo has expanded its presence in the worldwide life-sciences market, with the opening of a new development centre for innovations in laboratory automation. As North America is at the forefront of life sciences,…

unloading machines

Three ways that ELS’ Destuff-IT products provide needed unloading benefits
December 23, 2018 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Distribution companies and warehouses are always under pressure to reduce expenses, improve efficiency, and use facility space more effectively because of rising operational costs. This drives a demand for innovative, affordable material-handling products.…

ETL certified panels

Panels by Pepperl+Fuchs are ETL-certified for use in hazardous locations
December 23, 2018 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) proudly supplies Pepperl+Fuchs equipment for hazardous work locations, and that includes the manufacturer’s control and distribution panels. What distinguishes Pepperl+Fuchs is that it was the first panel…

flexible hose

Lightweight, flexible hose by Hi-Tech Duravent suits many industrial settings
December 21, 2018 by Hi-Tech Duravent

Hi-Tech Duravent is known for its impressive lineup of industrial hoses and ducting for a wide range of tasks. One of its more versatile products is the RFH Ultra, a lightweight and highly…

Ethernet connectors

HARTING’s ix Industrial® sets new standards in Ethernet connection
December 21, 2018 by Harting Canada Inc

The familiar old saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” certainly applies to automation systems. In applications that demand flexibility and reliability under rugged conditions, that weak link is…

ducting expansion joints

Sudbury International expansion joints meet strict design criteria for ducting
December 21, 2018 by Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited

Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited is a respected supplier of ducting expansion joints. For these joints to operate in ducting systems with maximum lifespans and reliability, they must meet strict design criteria. Manufacturers…

welding resources

Red-D-Arc’s website is full of great product and technical resources
December 21, 2018 by Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Red-D-Arc Welderentals is the place to go for welding-related tools, from pipe welding and induction heating to power generators and specialty equipment. As experts in welding and power generation, the company’s team has…

filter carts

High-viscosity filter carts by Schroeder are perfect for cleaning fluids
December 21, 2018 by Wainbee Limited

In addition to the industrial equipment it supplies, Wainbee Limited offers first-rate filtration solutions through its Filtramax division. This includes high-viscosity filtration products from manufacturers like Schroeder, which has developed two designs of…

modular tubing systems

Tubing systems by Jacob are perfect for many demanding applications
December 21, 2018 by Firing Industries Ltd

Firing Industries is the distributor that businesses trust for the best processing systems, and that includes modular tubing systems by Jacob. This producer has satisfied customers all over the world with tubing solutions…

structural adhesives

Innovative Loctite five-minute structural adhesive from Henkel offers limitless repairs
December 21, 2018 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Henkel Corporation is Canada’s top source for innovative industrial adhesive products, and one of its latest developments is the new Loctite HY 4060 GY adhesive. These structural adhesives offer tough, durable bonds that…

gear cutting

Rapid Gear’s quality gear cutting meets needs in many industries
December 20, 2018 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear has been serving Canadian industry for more than four decades with its top machining skills. Its capabilities range from designing and manufacturing new gears to building and rebuilding gearboxes – always…


L. & M. Precision Products uses lead-free brass in manufacturing
December 20, 2018 by L & M Precision Products Inc

As a leading manufacturer of custom precision-machined components, L. & M. Precision Products uses a variety of materials. These include stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, titanium, and plastics. Another major material the company…

vertical surface broaching machine

Compact broaching machine by Ohio Broach uses minimal floor space
December 20, 2018 by The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company is renowned in the United States and Canada not only for its broaching skills and expertise, but also for building its own broaching machines – which the…

torque flanges

T40B torque flange by HBM offers constantly reliable test results
December 19, 2018 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments is a premier supplier of measurement instruments for Canadian businesses, including many products manufactured by HBM Test and Measurement. One of HBM’s more recent innovations is the T40B, a family of…

drum cover

New drum cover by EXAIR keeps contaminants out of material
December 18, 2018 by Exair Corporation

Moving large volumes of industrial material over long distances is now easier with the EXAIR Line Vac, a powerful inline conveyor that connects to standard hoses or tubes. Now, EXAIR Corporation has introduced…

technological solutions

A variety of major Canadian industries rely on Rosta technology
December 18, 2018 by Rosta Inc

Rosta has mastered three types of technology – rubber-suspension, oscillating-conveyor, and tensioning technology – and that goes for its Canadian affiliate, Rosta Inc. These three types of technology are highly essential to equipment…

robotic bending

High-tech robots bring Matritech machining into the world of automation
December 18, 2018 by Matritech Inc.

Matritech Inc. serves many industries with a variety of industrial services – including CNC machining, laser cutting, tooling, stamping, and more. Another advantage this company has over competitors is its investment in robotic…

manufacturing components

Canadian companies have been buying Daemar components for 45 years
December 17, 2018 by Daemar Inc.

Daemar Inc. observed its 45th anniversary this year. That is four-and-a-half decades of supplying essential components for industry across Canada. Today, a variety of sectors rely on Daemar for the best manufacturing components…

expansion joint failures

HOLZ engineers’ solution eliminates expansion joint failures at ethanol plant
December 17, 2018 by Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

For top industrial expansion joints by HOLZ Rubber Company, businesses in Canada are wise to rely on Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO). Not only is the HOLZ team a renowned manufacturer of these…

ergonomic balancers

Zimmerman balancers from Dobco make lifting tasks safer and simpler
December 17, 2018 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Ergonomics should be a key consideration for businesses that are in the process of selecting new material-handling equipment. For this, Ingersoll Rand (IR) offers the Zimmerman line of ergonomic balancers, which are available…

stopper cylinder

New Festo EFSD stopper cylinder can offer exceptional stop-and-release functionality
December 16, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched a new electric stopper cylinder, the EFSD, the perfect choice for stop-and-release applications in which electric actuators are more appropriate than pneumatic ones. This new stopper offers superb stop-and-release…

lifting beam

ELS lifting beam helps nuclear company lift heavy floor panels
December 16, 2018 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) knows how to make difficult jobs easy for plants and warehouses that need lifting solutions. Not only does ELS supply crane and lifting equipment; it also…

solid state relays

Carlo Gavazzi solid state relays suit a variety of sectors
December 15, 2018 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

One of the many manufacturers with whom Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) partners is Carlo Gavazzi, respected all across North America for its state-of-the-art automation products. Carlo Gavazzi produces the RK series…

data-centre connectivity

Setting the standard for power distribution in data centres: Part 3
December 14, 2018 by Harting Canada Inc

This three-part article explores the most important trends in data-centre connectivity, the Open Compute Project (OCP), and the ways in which HARTING is meeting these challenges head on, providing solutions to today’s challenges…

gypsum milling

Hosokawa Micron manufactures two instruments that can mill gypsum products
December 14, 2018 by Firing Industries Ltd

Size reduction of materials is an essential application in many industries, from food processing to chemicals. Hosokawa Micron is an international leader in processors that reduce particle size, available in Canada from Firing…