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flexible robot arms

All the game-changing benefits of using UR collaborative robot arms
April 27, 2019 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

Universal Robots (UR) has changed the face of industrial automation forever with its collaborative robot arms, or “cobots”, available from Canada’s leader in cobot technology, Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. These lightweight, flexible…

paint finishing

Customers report great results with SAMES KREMLIN’s Xcite Airmix guns
April 26, 2019 by SAMES KREMLIN

Ever since it first developed Airmix spray technology in 1975, SAMES KREMLIN has revolutionized paint finishing – and made a lot of customers happy. Businesses cannot get enough of this intermediate, medium-pressure spraying…

machine lights

Rotem Industrial Products can now supply Waldmann industrial lighting solutions
April 26, 2019 by Rotem Industrial Products Inc

A key supplier and distributor of innovative industrial equipment in Canada, Rotem Industrial Products is always expanding its already impressive inventory with new items from major manufacturers. Earlier this year, the company began…

metal detectable seals

The advantages of X-ray and metal detectable seals from Daemar
April 26, 2019 by Daemar Inc.

For Canada’s largest inventory of essential components for industry, Daemar Inc. is the name to trust. Among these products are X-ray and metal detectable seals, which serve as highly beneficial substitutes for sanitary…

construction equipment

Dobco Equipment supplies Ingersoll Rand construction tools for Canadian companies
April 26, 2019 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Dobco Equipment maintains its reputation as a top Canadian supplier of pneumatic tools by partnering with major international manufacturers. One of these producers is Ingersoll Rand, or IR, which has held a unique…

training videos

Customers apply Denso products more effectively with online training videos
April 24, 2019 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America is a leading manufacturer and supplier of corrosion-prevention and sealing solutions, ranging from petrolatum tape systems to road-repair products. These industrial solutions work best – and for the longest time…


MOCAP solutions are perfect for protection, masking, and finishing applications
April 24, 2019 by MOCAP

For an unmatched portfolio of caps, plugs, grips, and other rubber, plastic, and vinyl products that serve important workplace needs, businesses across North America trust the name MOCAP. The company is a one-stop…


Parker icount Oil Sampler makes oil and fuel measurement much simpler
April 24, 2019 by Wainbee Limited

Predictive maintenance is an essential need for many manufacturers, because production shutdown is costly in money and productivity. This is why Wainbee Limited supplies many valuable predictive-maintenance solutions – including innovative products by…

portable ergonomic conveyor systems

ELS Restuff-IT machines work best for loading and unloading applications
April 24, 2019 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) specializes in manufacturing and supplying industrial lifting systems that make difficult jobs seem easy. A key example is the company’s line of portable ergonomic conveyor systems…

conveyor projects

Wecon Systems can handle a wide variety of different customer projects
April 24, 2019 by Wecon Systems Ltd.

The Wecon Systems team takes pride in its collective skills, knowledge, and experience in providing suitable material-handling systems for businesses in Canada. With more than 20 years in the business, Wecon has successfully…


Teledyne Hastings vacuum gauge offers accurate measurement and easy installation
April 24, 2019 by Durham Instruments

Teledyne Hastings manufactures many great industrial test and measurement devices that are easily available in Canada through Durham Instruments. These include the HVG-2020A vacuum gauge, which is a media-isolated, gas-composition-independent, piezo-resistive instrument that…

agriculture components

The agriculture industry in Canada trusts Rosta for reliable components
April 23, 2019 by Rosta Inc

Rosta is renowned worldwide as a major manufacturer of high-quality machine elements. In Canada, the company’s local affiliate, Rosta Inc., serves businesses in a variety of industries – including agriculture. The country’s economy…

shape gripper

New adaptive shape gripper by Festo needs no manual adjustment by users
April 23, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada expands its family of innovative automation products with the new DHEF adaptive shape gripper. This device can pick and move any object, whether round, square, rectangular, or irregularly shaped, with no…


UR+ innovations from Universal Robots make cobots even more convenient
April 23, 2019 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. is at the forefront of the automation world with its inventory of solutions by Universal Robots (UR), known for its collaborative robot arms, or “cobots”. Now, the supplier…

deburring machine

How deburring by Vibra Finish boosts worker and consumer safety
April 22, 2019 by Vibra Finish Limited

Vibra Finish has offered world-class industrial finishing for decades, including deburring metal parts. Although finishing improves the aesthetic quality of parts, another key advantage of running them through a deburring machine is safety.…

metal conduits

Flexa metal conduits always offer great wire and cable protection
April 22, 2019 by Ibis Electro-Products Corp.

Among the broad variety of sensor solutions that IBIS Electro-Products Corp. supplies are conduits by Flexa GmbH & Co., a renowned manufacturer of cable protection products based in Hanau, Germany. Flexa’s portfolio includes…


Visit the Firing Industries booth at PLAST-EX 2019 in June
April 22, 2019 by Firing Industries Ltd

Firing Industries will be occupying Booth #565 at PLAST-EX. It will showcase products such as conveyors, dryers, dust collection and air-pollution control, feeders, mixers and blenders, and plastics and polymers. Come meet the…

industrial cabinet coolers

EXAIR’s HazLoc cabinet coolers are approved for hazardous work environments
April 22, 2019 by Exair Corporation

The latest innovative development from EXAIR Corporation is its new line of Hazardous Location industrial cabinet coolers, which have been designed and built specifically for hazardous work environments. What distinguishes these cabinet coolers…


ARO air motors by Ingersoll Rand offer a flexible alternative
April 15, 2019 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Ingersoll Rand (IR) has more than a century’s worth of credibility in the manufacture of world-class industrial tools, which are available in Canada via Dobco Equipment. This inventory includes more than 200 models…

broaching tool sharpening

Broaching tool sharpening is another one of Ohio Broach’s specialties
April 13, 2019 by The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company has been one of North America’s great sources of broaching services for more than 60 years. It is also a top manufacturer of broaching machines, and another…

engineering services

Arc-Fil offers expert engineering services with commitment, partnership, and experience
April 12, 2019 by Arc-Fil Products Ltd

Although Arc-Fil Products Ltd. has been known for its strip and wire forming for 40 years, the company provides other services to its customers. In addition to providing materials and coating to businesses,…

explosion-proof tablets

ECOM explosion-proof tablets help workers perform easily in hazardous areas
April 12, 2019 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

A member of the Pepperl+Fuchs family, ECOM Instruments manufactures great solutions for hazardous work conditions, available in Canada through Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC). ECOM’s portfolio includes several designs of explosion-proof tablets,…

sawdust elimination

Sawdust elimination is a benefit of many Hi-Tech Duravent hose solutions
April 12, 2019 by Hi-Tech Duravent

Hi-Tech Duravent manufactures an unparalleled selection of hose products for Canadian businesses, for a wide range of applications. In the wood-processing and forestry sectors, sawdust buildup is a common occupational health and safety…

gas analyzers

SpectraSensors gas analyzers are exclusively available in Canada from Endress+Hauser
April 12, 2019 by Endress + Hauser Canada Ltd.

Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd. now is the exclusive sales and service source in this country for gas analyzers from SpectraSensors. As a leading supplier of measurement instrumentation and services, Endress+Hauser will be providing solutions…

metallic pump

TSA2 pump by Sandpiper is an asset to food processing and pharmaceuticals
April 11, 2019 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

York Fluid Controls has been Canada’s number-one source for Sandpiper products for nearly two years. Sandpiper manufactures a wide selection of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, and one of its more powerful products is…

quality management procedures

Testing, inspection, and documentation for Sudbury International ducting expansion joints
April 10, 2019 by Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited

Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited offers non-metallic expansion joints for industrial ducting applications. These expansion joints comply with strict international standards for quality-management systems, like ISO 9001. The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) in…

dry-ice blasting

Red-D-Arc offers a special rental package for dry-ice-blasting paint booths
April 10, 2019 by Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Welding and welding-related industrial equipment for sale or rent is the specialty of Red-D-Arc Welderentals, an Airgas company. One main product line is blast-cleaning machinery – especially for dry-ice blasting. Perfect for cleaning…


FlexMove conveyor systems from Wecon have the most flexible layouts and designs
April 10, 2019 by Wecon Systems Ltd.

Wecon Systems remains a top Canadian supplier of material-handling systems from major manufacturers after more than two decades. The company is an official builder and authorized distributor for FlexMove, a Dorner Holding Company,…

UR10 cobots

How Blue Danube Robotics makes Universal Robots cobots easier to use
April 10, 2019 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

Universal Robots (UR) revolutionizes industrial automation with its collaborative robot arms, or “cobots”, available from Canada’s leader in cobot technology, Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. The UR10 model is a six-axis robot with…

load shackles

Durham Instruments supplies four types of Interface telemetry load shackles
April 10, 2019 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments is a premier distributor of test and measurement devices to businesses across Canada. One of the great manufacturers the company partners with is Interface Force Measurement Solutions, which is known for…