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Rosta elements are durable, resistant to wear and maintenance-free.

Rosta manufactures components for machine construction. Its oscillating conveyor, rubber suspension and tensioning technologies are known throughout the globe for their versatility, superior quality and high performance. In fact, there are many reasons why these components are a top choice by machine manufacturers.

  • They have a long service life. Rosta elements are durable, resistant to wear and maintenance-free. All of this contributes to their long service life. In fact, the company’s jointed, rubber-metal torsion bearings can withstand even the most challenging applications.
  • They can be customized. Rosta can develop customized machine designs for its customers using its rubber suspension units. Thanks to the company’s experienced staff, advanced equipment and individual manufacturing processes, it can offer almost unlimited solutions.
  • They are versatile. When oscillations, vibrations and agitating movements in the processing industry have to select, separate and convey bulky materials, Rosta’s rubber mounts offer the ideal solution for the suspension of almost every type of screen, conveyor or sifting machine. In addition, the company’s rubber spring elements can fulfill several functions in a compact space. They can function as torsion springs, pivot bearings and anti-vibration mounts in one unit.
  • They are cost-efficient. Whenever there is a need for resilient suspensions, elastic supports, cushioning mounts or smooth guidance in the machine industry, there is almost always a cost-efficient solution in Rosta’s lineup of rubber suspension elements. And, thanks to the multi-functionality of Rosta elements, savings can be made in the initial investments through the avoidance of expensive bearing and damping components. In addition, because these units are maintenance-free, operating costs are lowered through longer service intervals.
  • They come with support. Rosta offers on-site customer service worldwide.

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