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automation technology

Festo Group appoints new chairman of its global management board
October 21, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Group and its Canadian affiliate, Festo Canada, are pleased to announce a major staffing change at the company’s world headquarters in Esslingen, Germany. The family-owned global automation technology company recently appointed Oliver…

anti-corrosion protection

Denso ColorTape is Ontario’s choice for winter hose, fitting protection
October 20, 2018 by Denso North America Inc

Anti-corrosion protection and sealing technology are solutions that Denso North America is known for providing – especially for pipelines and infrastructure projects. Another common application for Denso products is protection of hoses and…

dry grinding attritors

Union Process manufactures dry grinding attritors for production or laboratories
October 19, 2018 by Firing Industries Ltd

Union Process (UP) has been a major producer of industrial grinding equipment for more than 70 years, and Firing Industries proudly supplies its devices in Canada. UP specializes in manufacturing attritors, apparatuses that…

quality cable assemblies

Expertise, service, and quality are factors in Bergen Cable’s success
October 18, 2018 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

For more than three-quarters of a century, Bergen Cable has been a major supplier of quality cable assemblies for industrial use. As the longest-running cable and wire-rope company in existence, Bergen Cable has…

power connector

M8 D-Code connector by HARTING saves space with device miniaturization
October 18, 2018 by Harting Canada Inc

The HARTING Technology Group is meeting the challenge of industrial device miniaturization head-on with its latest development, the M8 D-Code power connector. This new connector provides Fast Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet connectivity via an…

protective grips

MOCAP manufactures four types of protective grips for industrial solutions
October 17, 2018 by MOCAP

Caps, plugs, masking products, and other protective items are the specialty of MOCAP, which manufactures an enormous variety of them. Another popular product line from the company is its protective grips. These are…

battery tools

The Desoutter B-FLEX series offers quality control, flexibility, and safety
October 17, 2018 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Manufacturers around the world turn to Desoutter for top electric and pneumatic tools. One of Desoutter’s great products, available from Dobco Equipment, is its B-FLEX line of toque and angle tranducerized battery tools.…

control valves

Sudbury International is a valuable source of re-circulation control valves
October 17, 2018 by Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited

Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited supplies a variety of important industrial products, including expansion joints, specialty sootblowers, and slide pads. Another much-in-demand product that the company distributes is automatic re-circulation control valves for…

pick and place products

SMC Pneumatics manufactures a variety of pick and place products
October 17, 2018 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

As automation technology expands and progresses, so does the market for robotic components like grippers and vacuum equipment for moving and placing materials. SMC Pneumatics, whose lineup is available from Advanced Motion &…

downdraft workbenches

N.R. Murphy downdraft workbenches can solve all plant pollution problems
October 17, 2018 by N.R. Murphy Limited

For 75 years, N.R. Murphy has been a major North American provider of industrial air-quality solutions, especially dust collectors. This company manufactures several series of dust-collecting equipment, from cyclones to portable models. Another…

transient recorder

GEN7i DAQ system/recorder by HBM is versatile, portable, and user-friendly
October 17, 2018 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments is Canada’s source for world-class industrial measurement devices by HBM Test and Measurement. One of the most versatile products from HBM is its GEN7i, a combined transient recorder and data-acquisition (DAQ)…

precision-machined products

L. & M. Precision gets quality from efficient design process
October 17, 2018 by L & M Precision Products Inc

L. & M. Precision Products has been custom-producing precision-machined products for more than half a century, and high quality has been a consistent factor in its work. A big part of the company’s…

steam traps

Four types of steam traps you can get from Keystone
October 16, 2018 by Keystone Steam Supplies

Is your company looking for a new steam trap? If so, Keystone Steam Supplies is the distributor to turn to. Steam traps are one of our specialties. We know these products are an…

spray tips

SAMES KREMLIN recommends its Airmix spray tips for better finishes
October 16, 2018 by SAMES KREMLIN

Since 1975, SAMES KREMLIN has revolutionized paint spray finishing with its Airmix technology, today’s global industry standard for medium-pressure atomization. For optimal Airmix performance, it is best to use specially designed Airmix spray…

automated workforce system

Kronos helps Indian brewery improve productivity with new automated solution
October 16, 2018 by Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

For more than four decades, Kronos has been helping manufacturing companies all over the world increase productivity and employee engagement with every automated workforce system, and that goes for its Canadian affiliate, Kronos…

ADM Expo

Visit Firing Industries at the ADM Montreal show in November
October 16, 2018 by Firing Industries Ltd

Firing Industries is a premier distributor of world-class industrial processing equipment, and it is getting ready to showcase its latest offerings at the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo, or ADM Expo, in Montreal…

loading equipment

ELS rental program allows customers to try out Restuff-IT equipment
October 15, 2018 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) has helped a lot of warehouse and factory environments with its Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT lines of unloading and loading equipment. For added convenience, the company has…

inwall workstations

Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet workstations can come with several different mounting options
October 15, 2018 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) is Canada’s premier source of industrial devices manufactured by Pepperl+Fuchs – and that includes the latter’s line of VisuNet HMI workstations and monitors. These instruments are available…

servo cable

ÖLFLEX® Servo 7TCE cable is perfect for harsh work environments
October 15, 2018 by Lapp Canada Inc

ÖLFLEX® has been a trusted name in the international cable industry for more than 60 years, thanks to the groundbreaking innovations of LAPP. Among the many high-quality products under this brand is the…

industrial solutions

Rosta is a great Canadian provider of top industrial solutions
October 12, 2018 by Rosta Inc

Rosta Inc. has been providing first-rate rubber spring elements in Canada for 30 years – as an affiliate of a global corporation that has been providing them internationally for nearly 75. The company’s…

Industrial Fastener Expo

Industrial Fastener Expo is an opportunity to meet Ken Forging
October 12, 2018 by Ken Forging

Industrial Fastener Expo is back this year – this time, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 – and Ken Forging is ready to showcase our wide range…

slotted shims

Shims, shim rolls, and sheets are part of Daemar’s inventory
October 12, 2018 by Daemar Inc.

Daemar Inc. is one of Canada’s primary distributors of essential components, including many aligning products – all of which blend the quality and performance that design engineers need with the cost savings that…

drum and tote pumps

York Fluid Controls carries drum and tote pumps by FLUX
October 12, 2018 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

There are many great pump manufacturers out there, but only one can rightfully claim to have invented the electric drum pump. That company is FLUX, which has been in the pump business for…

elastomer piping expansion joints

HOLZ elastomer piping expansion joints absorb high shock and vibration
October 11, 2018 by Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

HOLZ Rubber Company manufactures piping expansion joints for every industrial scenario or work environment, all of which are available in Canada from Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO). This portfolio includes the Series 300…

Ethernet connector

New HARTING connector is more compact, rugged than the RJ45
October 11, 2018 by Harting Canada Inc

Among the latest technological innovations from the HARTING Technology Group is the ix Industrial Ethernet connector, a perfect solution for IP20 connectivity applications requiring miniaturization. Although the RJ45 connector has been the go-to…

ionizing bar

Ionizing bar by EXAIR offers 25 per cent better performance
October 11, 2018 by Exair Corporation

For industrial devices that eliminate static electricity, EXAIR Corporation is the name to trust. This manufacturer always pushes itself to create the most innovative products on the market – the latest being the…

electronic hardware

Promptus Electronic Hardware products are available from Gould Fasteners
October 11, 2018 by Gould Fasteners Ltd

Promptus Electronic Hardware is an experienced manufacturer that can offer components in a range of sizes, materials and finishes. It also provides design and engineering of custom parts for breadboard, prototyping and production applications.…

industrial moisture gauges

NDC’s tobacco-processing solutions are also perfect for the marijuana industry
October 10, 2018 by Firing Industries Ltd

One of the manufacturers whose industrial equipment Firing Industries supplies in Canada is NDC Technologies, a leading developer of measurement and control instruments. This includes its TM710e industrial moisture gauges, which have been…

conveyor technology

Wecon conveyor products are a great way to improve productivity
October 10, 2018 by Wecon Systems Ltd.

Conveyor technology has radically transformed factory and warehouse environments over the last century, and Wecon Systems continues that tradition by supplying world-class conveyor products. For more than 20 years, this distributor has played…

rugged data recorders

Durham Instruments carries multiple variations of HBM SomatXR data recorders
October 10, 2018 by Durham Instruments

Data acquisition is an important application across the industrial spectrum, and HBM Test and Measurement is a major supplier of equipment in this area – available in Canada from Durham Instruments. HBM’s portfolio…