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Color Matching Software Suppliers

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Prism Instruments

Pickering, Ontario

We Carry A Complete Line Of Spectrophotometers That Can Be Used In Colour Matching & Quality Control. Lightbooths For Daylight Simulation, Glossmeters, Densitometers For The Print Industry, Film Thickness Gauges.

PLV Systems Inc
Distributor   Manufacturer  

Concord, Ontario

PLV Systems manufactures equipment for the measurement of plastic and rubber profile extrusions. Equipment also includes products for surface inspection in real time.

Waymar Manufacturing Co
Distributor   Manufacturer   Services   Wholesaler  

Brampton, Ontario

Custom designed ultraviolet curing systems and repair with stocked parts of all types of ultraviolet systems. Also repair and calibrate colormeters, color booths, gloss meters and corrosion and humidity chambers.

Stone Tucker Instruments
Distributor   Services  

Fonthill, Ontario

We sell coating inspection, related measure & test equipment, arrange for calibration & repair of most instruments. Canadian distributor for the plastics & coatings industries: coating thickness, material thickness, gloss, haze, adhesion, viscosity,…

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Canada

Mississauga, Ontario

Minolta produces bench-top and hand-held spectrophotometers for a complete solution of color matching and color quality control.Top-of-the-line model is a portable spectrophotometer CM2bood. Compact, easy to use, performs like a desktop spectrophotometer for…

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