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Wire Wheel Brushes from Walter Surface Technologies

Manufacturers of efficient wire wheel brushes

We manufacture wire wheel brushes that perform excellent and unique surfacing work. Burrs and unwanted debris on your products often leads to raised costs and unnecessary work. Whether you need to remove caked on material or simply want a smooth, presentable surface, our brushes are perfect for you. Designed for use with angle, bench and pedestal grinders, our brushes are great for deburring in a number of different applications. Brushes from Walter Surface Technologies can help you complete your surfacing faster, and with two types of wires, our products are designed to stand up to any kind of surface work you require.

Four wire brush types

Our selection of wire brushes consists of three types of wheel brushes and one type of bead brush. For each model, we use only the best wire bristles that reduce unnecessary shaking and help you get the job done quickly. Our bench wheel brush with crimped wires is designed to last longer with your pedestal and bench grinders than comparable models. Its steel wires create clean, smooth surfaces with an easy, manageable control. We also offer a bench wheel brush with knot-twisted wires. This model works with similar material for similar applications. Also featuring knot-twisted wires, our stringer bead brush is designed to be equipped to an angle grinder. It can be installed and removed easily and provides a smooth, steady balance when operating. The wide wheel brush also works with angle grinders and consists of knot-twisted wires, combining the easy installation and steadiness of the stringer bead brush with the longevity of the wheel brushes.

Ideal for smooth surfaces

Each brush is ideal for cleaning and deburring operations when used with a grinder. The wheel brushes can remove undesirable substances such as paint or corrosion easily, while the stringer bead and wide wheel brushes provide excellent cleaning capabilities at a faster rate.

About us

With over 60 years in business, Walter Surface Technologies offers innovative and responsible tool solutions to meet all of your surfacing needs. With a dedication to product excellence and consumer happiness, we strive for the best with each sale we make.


Walter Surface Technologies
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