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Bits for twist drilling from Walter Surface Technologies

We make twist drill bits designed to bore into a wide variety of materials. At Walter Surface Technologies, our bits are often treated and coated to offer superior performance and durability. As a result, our bits often last longer and work better compared to similar products. Our selection is vast, comprehensive and diverse, ensuring that if you need a bit, you’re sure to find it with us. Contact us today to see how our dedication to high-quality tools and accessories can help your business.


We manufacture a wide variety of drill bits that are perfect for twist drilling applications. With a wide selection that includes wire-gauge, multi-step and double-ended bits, we are sure to offer the drilling solution you need. Our jobbers come in a wide variety of styles, including fractional, letter and metric. Many of them feature a cobalt blend that allows them to move more quickly through metals. Each work on non-ferrous metals, with the 118-degree jobber performing on aluminum and thinner metals, while the other styles work on mild and stainless steel. The 1/2" Prentice bit features bronze surfacing and is designed for increased durability and longevity. Our wire gauge bits include jobbers and stubs, with the former’s design allowing for greater flow while the latter has a split point that’s more conducive to sheet metal drilling. We also carry surface-treated double ended bits that produce less burrs and last longer compared to conventional bits. Our multi-step bits have self-centring points and titanium coatings, which allow them to stand up longer to wear. They also come in a kit with three bits of different sizes. 


Each of our bits are designed to work with unique metals and surfaces. Our jobbers are capable of working with steel-based materials, except for the 118-degree jobber that performs best with aluminum. Our double-ended bits work with nearly any type of metal, while most of our other bits perform best with steel. Multi-step bits work on most materials, so long as they are less than 1/8” thick.


Since 1952, we’ve provided innovative, exceptional products to the industrial market. With operations across North America and Europe, see how our commitment to quality and sustainability can benefit your business today.


Walter Surface Technologies
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