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Acclaimed manufacturer of steel drill bits

We manufacture steel bits that come in a variety of chuck sizes and makes. One bit rarely gets the job done, so Walter Surface Technologies offers a wide range of high tensile and mild steel bits for your drilling processes. Each bit is designed to work on many surfaces and features unique and specialized applications for each one. With smooth, accurately sized holes that won’t compromise the integrity of your surfaces, you can trust that our bits will provide the perfect drilling solution for your business.

Bits in all sizes and models

We offer a variety of drill bits spanning all sizes and two varieties of steel. Our SST line offers versatile performance that depends on the specific bit. The SST + 135 degree 1/2" Prentice is designed to work with a 1/2" chuck, with a cobalt blend in the bit for extra performance and longevity. The SST + 135 degree 3/8” chuck size is made of mild steel and produces spaces of up to 1/2" diameters. The SST+ 135 degree jobber features a round shank and a grounded body, while the similar letter jobbers’ tapered design and bronze surface treatment give them even greater drilling prowess. We also feature double-ended drill bits that produce less burrs, stub bits for thinner metals and fast drilling, jobbers made to drill through high tensile steel and more. We also carry drill bit sets from SST+ in quick shank and HSS models.

Numerous drilling applications

Our bits work in a wide variety of drilling applications. Many of our tools, including the SST 1/2" Prentice and SST 3/8” reduced shank models, are ideal when large holes are needed or round objects are involved. Bits such as fractional jobbers are excellent in both portable and stationary drilling applications, while the double-ended drill bits provide additional accuracy where needed.

About us

Since 1952, we’ve grown from a small manufacturer of grinders and power tools to producing innovative and ground-breaking surface solutions. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we continue to provide only the best service to our customers.


Walter Surface Technologies
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