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Portable Electric Tools by Walter Surface Technologies

We manufacture portable electric tools designed to offer superior performance and versatility. Tools from Walter Surface Technologies can go further and do more than your tethered power equipment. Our electric goods come in a range of sizes and styles that allow you to choose a product that best suits your needs. Comfortable yet effective, our cutters, buffers and finishers each feature motors that offer excellent performance without skimping on control or handling. Contact us today to see how our tools can benefit your business.

Cutters, finishers and buffers available

From cutters to line finishing tools, buffers to finishers, we carry a wide range of electric tools that won¿t leave you tethered to an outlet. We carry zipwheel cutters in 4 1/2", five-inch and six-inch varieties, both individually and in kits. They recharge at a faster rate than most tools and include features that resist short-circuits and allow for greater control over the tool. We also offer the Line-Mate III, a line-finishing tool with a high-performance motor and ergonomic handling that allows you to complete tasks such as grinding, sanding, polishing and more. Our Quick-Step buffer uses an efficient motor and spindle lock to provide optimal performance. It comes individually and in a kit that features a variety of abrasives that allow you to achieve different surface options. The Quick-Step finisher also offers superior comfort in its handling and greater torque. Like its buffering counterpart, it comes in a kit that provides pads and discs for greater and more diverse functionality.

Assortment of uses

Each of our cordless electric tools can be used in a wide variety of industries. From construction to transportation, our tools¿ versatility make them perfect for your unique applications. Possible uses for our line-finishing tool include clearing and graining surfaces, while our finishers and buffers are ideal for preparing surfaces in an assortment of styles.

About us

Since 1952, Walter Surface Technologies has produced high-quality tools to markets around the world. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, you can trust Walter for your industrial equipment needs.


Walter Surface Technologies
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