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Lubricants: Bolt Out, Dry Pro, Open Gear, and More

Walter Surface Technologies provides lubricants of the highest quality for a wide variety of applications. Our products will keep out moisture and dust, penetrate and lubricate seized parts, and protect your equipment from friction and wear. We offer lubricants that are formulated to excel in specific applications as well as general purpose solutions. Walter has been in business since 1952. Our lubricants are in use worldwide in industries ranging from aerospace to food processing. We also supply cleaners, welding aids, tooling, and more. Contact us today to find out how we can reduce your costs and optimize your operations.


Bolt out: a heavy-duty, chlorine-free penetrating lubricant for freeing seized parts and preventing further rusting.

Chain Gang: a synthetic, high performance lubricant for high-load chain applications. It is able to penetrate tight clearances and keep out water, dirt and dust.

Dry Pro: a dry film formula suitable for many light load applications. It provides lightweight and clean lubrication and prevents wear.

Poly-lube: a multi-purpose, high performance solution for equipment including bearings, bits, dies, valves, pulleys and more.

Food Zone: a food grade lubricant and penetrator designed for food industry machinery.

Food Zone V: a food grade solution for heavy duty machinery in the food manufacturing industry.

Hang-on: an adhesive solution that provide long-lasting lubrication even under the most demanding conditions.

Open Gear: this formula adheres to surfaces to provide protection of gears and drives over extended periods.

Rock ‘N Roll: a unique ceramic lubricant that is non-toxic and inert. It prevents corrosion and seizing for all types of threaded components and is long lasting.

Tapcut: this lubricant was formulated specifically for thread cutting applications using taps and dies.

Many of our industrial lubricants are non-toxic, chlorine free and biodegradable. For more information on our products, check out our catalog of environmental solutions.

Lubricant expertise

For over 60 years, we have been a leader in surface treatments. We supply innovative solutions to metal working professionals around the world. Our dedicated staff works closely with our clients to determine their needs and provide the most appropriate options. We offer demonstrations to show the high performance of our lubricants.

Lubricant industries

We provide solutions for a diverse range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, construction, and transportation. Whatever the application, our lubricants will make your processes more efficient.


Walter Surface Technologies
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