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Types of Walter Surface Technologies' parts cleaners

We manufacture industrial parts cleaners that banish dirt and grime from your products. With Walter Surface Technologies’ diverse and unique cleaning solutions, you’ll save both time and energy on your cleaning routine. Our products can eliminate accumulated material and tougher substances such as tar, oil and more. They also work on many different types of metal, ensuring that you won’t do damage to your parts. Whether you work with an automated or manual cleaning system, we have solutions that ensure your products will shine.

High quality cleaning performance

Our cleaners offer superior performance and versatility for a wide range of products. Our Slap Shot cleaner and degreaser works with any variety of metal and works quickly and effectively eliminating the need for extra scrubbing. Its container makes application easy and it doesn’t need to be rinsed off, making your cleaning process easier. STAR 200, ALUSTAR 200 and ALUSTAR 300 solutions, meanwhile, are designed to be used with an automated parts washer. They clean without creating foam or fire risks and provide energy efficient performance. Other cleaners include CB 100, which handles heavy-duty grime and build-up without using volatile compounds. As a result, it works with most metals, features a water-based compound and performs on trickier substances like tar or wax. Our Bio-Circle system works on substances as diverse as oil, grease and more with its microorganism based cleaning solution.

Applications on variety of surfaces

Each of our cleaning products are designed to work on many different surfaces and substances. Our Slap Shot spray provides easy grease and oil removal, while the STAR 200 and ALUSTAR 300 work primarily on alloys made of iron-based materials within an automated cleaning machine. The CB 100 can be used with pressure washers or through hand and bath washing. The ALUSTAR 200 solution can handle aluminum and other alloys that don’t contain iron.

About us

For over 60 years, we’ve committed ourselves to manufacturing and distributing high-performance tools and accessories. With commitments to quality and sustainability, you invest in more than just a tool when you buy with Walter.


Walter Surface Technologies
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