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Grinding wheels from Walter Surface Technologies

Our wide selection of grinding wheels is sure to offer the solution to your needs. Our wheels provide excellent performance while lasting longer compared to similar products. The abrasive wheels at Walter Surface Technologies also provide unmatched specificity for your unique application. We carry numerous wheels, each designed to be used in a variety of applications with specific materials. As a result, our products provide better performance for your individual needs.

Huge selection of wheels

Our wheels are designed to provide durable, stable performance for longer. With a wide selection to choose from, our wheels are sure to fit whatever grinding application you may have.     Our Allsteel XX model is designed to remove steel and stainless steel, providing excellent control and handling with rapid removal. Its counterpart, the regular Allsteel wheel, still works well in general applications, working well with steel and conforming well to your grinder. The ALU can perform low-duty grinding on soft metals like aluminum, while our bench grinding wheel offer more versatility and can fit on a variety of shafts up to one inch. The HP comes in three different varieties, with a combo version with durable edges, a cup-wheel version that features a steel hub and the XX wheel type, which provides incomparable longevity and removes more steel for less cost. Our concrete wheels can be used for light grinding on stone, cast iron, concrete and more, while our XCAVATOR model takes off more material compared to any of our other grinding wheels.

Unique uses for each product

Each of our wheels is designed to work with different materials. Of all our wheels, the XCAVATOR is the most versatile, working on hard metal, tungsten, alloys and more. It can also provide heavy-grinding and shaping capabilities. Our other wheels mostly work on stainless steel, with some designed for softer metals such as aluminum and others for more specialized material. Each wheel also offers unique applications, such as bevelling, notching, facing, deburring, shaping and more. Contact us for more specific information about each type.

About us

With over 60 years in business, Walter Surface Technologies offers tools and accessories designed to provide exceptional value to your company.


Walter Surface Technologies
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