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Types of Walter food grade lubricants

Our line of food grade lubricants can help your machines achieve unprecedented performance over the course of their lives. Machines naturally lose their vigour and productivity as they age, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless in the face of lowered output and lost revenue. Lubricants from Walter Surface Technologies can help your machine run smoothly into its golden years. Our lubricants prevent corrosion and damage caused by friction between your machine’s components. As a result, your machine will require less maintenance costs and perform better for longer.

Two varieties for your machinery

We stock two different varieties of our Food Zone lubricant. Each are designed to help your food production and processing machinery continue to function ideally for as long as possible. Our regular Food Zone spray is oily, while our Food Zone V has properties that are more viscous. The oily lubricant doesn’t dry on your machineries’ chains, which helps them to withstand friction and prevents corrosion and other damaging factors. The Food Zone V offers similar output with a less oily design, though it does contain oil that adds to its lubricating power. Each of our food grade lubricants is safe for use in your food-based applications, ensuring that you get the most out of your machinery without contaminating your products.

Excellence in all food sectors

These lubricants prevent wear within your machines by reducing friction, which in turn allows your machine to function more smoothly without incurring damage. As a result, it is commonly used to preserve machinery in the food processing, manufacturing and production sectors.

Proven reputation for excellence

Walter Surface Technologies is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest surface equipment available. In addition to only using top-notch materials to manufacture our goods, we have been certified as ISO 9001 compliant in recognition of our devotion to excellence and innovation. We are also committed to making workplaces more sustainable for the environment and employee health through initiatives such as our Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions. For these efforts, we’ve been recognized for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).

About us

Since 1952, we’ve made our name manufacturing innovative surfacing tools and products. With operations across North America and Europe, our growth is a reflection of the commitment to excellence that we invest in every product we make.


Walter Surface Technologies
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