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Cutting lubricants ISO-9001 certified

Our cutting lubricants can perform multiple functions on different materials and machines. Whether it’s improving the quality of your threads, making your material stronger or helping your machinery last longer, lubricants from Walter Surface Technologies can help you get the job done right. We manufacture each of our products to achieve the highest degree of responsibility and quality. As a result, our lubricants can help you to improve the precision and longevity of your manufacturing processes. They are safe for their applications and ensure that you can perform necessary cutting operations more effectively.

Three brands of lubricant

We offer three different types of lubricants for cutting applications. Our TAPCUT brand is ideal for thread cutting. It allows for more precise threads and helps to manage torque in your machines. It can also be washed away easily with water. STAINLESSCUT, meanwhile, is designed to cut durable metals such as stainless steel. Applied via aerosol, it doesn’t contain solvents such as chlorine. It also improves the finish of your metal and make it last longer. Finally, ICECUT provides extra life and productivity to magnetic drills.

Unique applications                    

Each of our lubricants is designed for unique cutting applications. TAPCUT is ideal for cutting threads, both by hand and machine. It works on a wide variety of metals, including brass, copper, steel, aluminum and more. STAINLESSCUT is ideal for metal cutting on harder metals such as stainless steel and alloys. ICECUT performs a maintenance function for magnetic drills that allows for better functioning over time.

Responsible manufacturing

Walter Surface Technologies seeks to achieve the highest possible performance from each of its products. We’re ISO 9001-certified for our commitment to innovation and development of excellent products. To serve our customers better, we only use the best materials in our goods. We’re also committed to providing products that are more sustainable for the environment and worker health. As a result, we’ve been recognized for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the Green Building Certification Institute.

About us

We’ve provided exceptional surfacing products for over 60 years. With a knack for leadership, innovation and responsibility, Walter Surface Technologies is sure to have the right solution for your business.


Walter Surface Technologies
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