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Degreasers and cleaners from Walter Surface Technologies

We sell cleaners and degreasers that promote sustainability while delivering uncompromising performance. When you maintain your equipment, you want to be sure that the material you¿re using won¿t cause undue harm. Walter Surface Technologies¿ cleaners and degreasers ensure that you not only protect your tools, but also the environment. Many of our products are designed to eliminate build-up without compromising the environment. Our selection of cleaners allows you to get rid of any material that may slow down your equipment, ensuring you continue to achieve top-notch performance and productivity.

Wide selection of degreasers

Our line of degreasers includes the Air Force AF-PL, which offers excellent performance on many different types of packages. Available in bulk, this chlorine-free solution wears out tough material like grease and oil. For industrial parts, we recommend Slap Shot, which quickly removes grime without leaving streaks or residue. Its fast-acting formula performs well on metals, which can then be painted with ease. When Slap Shot isn¿t enough, there¿s Slap Shot PL, which is designed to work with rubbers and plastics. Water-based CB 100, meanwhile, wears away a much more diverse range of harmful materials, including wax, ink, tar, soot, carbon and more. It¿s butyl free and carries little to no fire risk. Ideal for aluminum, ALUSTAR 200 features biodegradable alkaline components which allow for easy dilution and easy rinsing. We also carry the highly concentrated UNO S, the iron-centric STAR 200 and SC 400, which contains all-natural ingredients and works quickly to remove grease.

Eliminates many types of materials

Each degreaser we carry is capable of numerous applications, with benefits in many different industries. The Air Force AF-PL is ideal for plastics, and is recommended for cleaning conveyors, electronics, gaskets and more. Slap Shot is designed to degrease a wide range of metals, including aluminum, iron, steel and more, while Slap Shot PL works with just about any assembly that consists of plastic or metal components. CB 100 can be applied through pressure washers and immersion baths, while ALUSTAR 200 is designed for use on aluminum and non-iron-based alloys through an automated cleaning system.

About us

Since 1952, we¿ve established ourselves as a responsible manufacturer of power tools, cleaners and other industrial products.


Walter Surface Technologies
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