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Cleaners: Air Force and Slap Shot Product Lines

Walter Surface Technologies offers easy-to-use and efficient solutions for cleaning and degreasing. Our solvents are chlorine-free, fast-evaporating and leave no residue to provide effective and environmentally friendly cleaning. We have more than 60 years' experience of serving our customers with the highest quality products on the market. Our selection cleaners will satisfy all your needs for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). Our corporate tagline is "only the best", and we live up to that promise with every product, service, and solution we provide.


Air Force AF-PL: An industrial strength degreaser and cleaner that effectively dissolves and removes grease, grime and oil. It provides fast evaporation, and is formulated to be compatible with rubber-like compounds and plastics. Available in 20 L or 200 L packaging, it offers the cost-efficiency of ordering in bulk packaging and the convenience of aerosol cans.

Slap Shot: This highly-effective industrial parts cleaner and degreaser will dissolve and remove grease, grime and oil on contact. It is safe to use on all metals. It is a one-operation solution that does not require rinsing and leaves no residue. It is available in aerosol, trigger sprayer, or liquid packaging up to 200 L.

Slap Shot PL: This variant of Slap Shot is specially formulated to be compatible with most rubbers and plastics. It can also be used on all metals. It is packaged in 400 ml aerosol cans.

We also provide cleaners for automated parts washers, industrial cloths and wipes, and cleaner lubricants. Visit our website for more information on all our products.

Cleaner industries and applications

We have experience serving industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, food & pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and transportation.  Our cleaners are used for applications including conveyors, gaskets, electronics, and assemblies made of plastic and metal. 

Cleaner expertise

Our cleaners have evolved from decades of experience. Since 1952, our company has been a leader in surface treatment technologies. Our products are recognized worldwide as the best performing, highest quality solutions. We continuously innovate new solutions to increase productivity and safety.


Walter Surface Technologies
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