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Manufacturer of anti-seize lubricant

We manufacture anti-seize lubricant that is designed for versatility and performance. Walter Surface Technologies knows that your machinery is an essential component of your business. But time and wear can rob your equipment of valuable functionality, which leads to poorer output, lowered productivity and less revenue. Our lubricant can help prevent this outcome. Designed to be used in a number of industries and environments, it ensures your machine’s components won’t lock or stall. It also helps build resistance against corrosion, making it a valuable tool in maintaining your machinery.

Versatile and effective

Our Rock’n Roll lubricant helps loosen up your assemblies and prevent dangerous damage from occurring. With a wide temperature threshold, Rock’n Roll can work in temperatures as high as 752-degrees and as low as -22-degrees Fahrenheit. Its ingredients are inert and are safe for use with food, ensuring that they can be used in food processing and production applications. It also works on a wide range of metals that includes aluminum, nickel, stainless steel and more. Above all, this lubricant is safe for use on just about any material, with performance that is sure to keep your machines running smoothly for years to come.

Essential for maintenance

Rock’n Roll is designed to be used with machinery to prevent locking or seizure of its parts. It can also be used in situations where high temperatures or moisture are present. Regular maintenance with Rock’n Roll helps prevent corrosion and other wear. It is also versatile, working in a wide range of industries

High-quality manufacturing

Each of Walter’s products meet rigorous quality standards. We are certified as an ISO 9001 business, and we use only the best available materials in our products to ensure customer satisfaction. We also manufacture products that facilitate sustainability in both worker health and the environment.

About us

We provide top-notch tools and accessories for your specific industrial need. With over 60 years in business, trust Walter Surface Technologies for your business solutions.


Walter Surface Technologies
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