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Abrasives: Cutting, Grinding, and Finishing

Walter Surface Technologies supplies abrasives for many applications including cleaning, cutting, grinding, blending, finishing, and sanding. Our products increase efficiency, reduce labor time and cost, and will drive an increase in your profits. We always strive to provide "only the best" products that outperform and outlast the competition. Our production facilities are among the finest in the world and we utilize stringent quality assurance systems. All our products are designed with safety in mind. We will use draw on our more than 60 years' experience to help your business excel.


Cutting: Our various cutting abrasive wheels are specifically catered to unique applications. They are suitable for cutting metal, concrete, hard cast iron, aluminum, stone, tiles, PVC or plastic pipes.

Grinding: Walter grinding wheels guarantee the longest wheel life and fastest removal rate. They are designed for grinding applications including aluminum, carbide, cast iron, concrete, stainless steel, high tensile steel and more.  We can provide solutions for angle grinders, bench grinders and straight grinders.

Blending: We have blending discs for all types of metal, welding, and finishing requirements. They are available in diameters up to 7 inches.

Finishing: Our finishing abrasives include high polish discs that provide a mirror finish, surface conditioning strip belts for pipes tubing and railings.

Sanding: For sanding applications, we offer hand finishing abrasives, discs and flap wheels. They are specifically designed for use with metals including aluminum, copper/brass, stainless steel, or steel. We have sanding abrasives for use with drills, grinders, sanders/polishers and more.

We can also offer accessories including adaptors, clamping nuts, dressors, flanges, mandrels, mounting solutions, shafts, washers and more. In addition, we supply a range of power brushes, power tools, lubricants, environmentally safe cleaners, and more.

Abrasives expertise

We have the experience to design the best abrasives available. Our company was founded in 1952 and since then we have been introducing innovative solutions to the market. We pioneered the first flexible grinding wheels in 1973. That tradition of finding new solutions has always stayed with us. In 2013 we launched the thinnest cutting wheel on the market: Zip-One.

Abrasives industries

We offer industrial abrasives that are designed to excel in a wide range of unique applications. We have experience supplying industries ranging from food and pharmaceutical to automotive and aerospace. Visit our website for selector guides that will help you find the best cutting and grinding abrasives for your applications.


Walter Surface Technologies
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