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Abrasive discs from Walter

We sell abrasive discs of all varieties, ensuring our customers find the product they need. Walter Surface Technologies’ line of abrasives can be used for applications such as blending, cutting, finishing, grinding and more. Our discs provide excellent durability and performance on a number of surfaces. Whether you want to cut aluminum, steel or stainless steel, we have a disc that can perform the application you require. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and responsible products ensures that you’ll receive excellent value for your purchase.

Multiple lines of abrasive discs

Our abrasives provide top-notch performance across a number of key areas. Many abrasive discs give out quickly after removing very little grain from the steel. Some discs have even been known to stop working after removing about 370 grams from steel, or about 20 minutes. Not so for Walter’s discs. Our Enduro-Flex Eco Trim and Turbo models remove over 2,717 and 1,648 grams of steel over the course of their lifetime. We also offer diverse and versatile products, with our ZIPCUT family of products designed for work with steel, aluminum and stainless steel products.

Good for any number of materials

We carry a wide range of products for each individual application. Whether you’re cutting, blending or grinding a project, we have abrasives that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our Enduro-Flex discs provide excellent functionality for blending, while our line of grinding wheels can be used on steel, aluminum, concrete and more.

Exceeds regulation

Each of our abrasive discs is manufactured to meet safety regulations such as the Safety Code for Use, Care and Protection of Abrasive Wheels (ANSI B7.1) and EN12413. We also offer a bucket program and productivity reports, which helps eliminate waste by picking up finished abrasives and analyzing the data from the productivity reports, leading to better quality products.

About us

Since 1952, we’ve strived to provide high-quality surface tools to our customers. With a dedication to building consumer confidence, we invest heavily in both the materials for our products and in creating sustainable environment for our customers.


Walter Surface Technologies
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