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Types of rubber gaskets from Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc.

Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc. makes rubber extruded gaskets that offer durable performance and unique functionality. We ensure that each of our customers get the best value possible for their purchase by custom manufacturing their order according to their own specifications. From there, our talented team of designers works to provide the most appropriate materials, shapes and features for the gasket¿s intended function. As a result, Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc. is a highly versatile manufacturer, providing gasket solutions for a wide range of industrial customers.

Countless options available

We make each of our gaskets from high-quality natural and synthetic rubbers. With options that include silicone, EPDM, nitrile rubber or fluoroelastomer, we¿re sure to have an option that suits your specific needs. We manufacture custom gaskets according to your unique needs, regardless of shape or size. From frame and endless gaskets to door gaskets, we¿ve made countless types of custom extruded parts for a wide range of companies. We can also manufacture your gasket to provide added benefit. We perform dual durometer extrusions, mixing your chosen rubber with a different material to provide additional strength and/or flexibility. We can also make inserts out of metal, wire or fabric, vulcanize or splice your gasket, cut it to length, add solid or sponge profiling and more.

Industries and applications

Our ability to manufacture custom gaskets has made us a valuable partner to companies across many industries, including aerospace, transport, mining and more. Whether you¿re looking to prevent leakage or simply reduce friction between two surfaces, we have the gasket that¿s perfect for you at a reasonable, affordable price.

Manufacturing techniques

In implementing our proven design process, our team of engineers continually produce quality goods in a timely fashion. We work with customers to determine their specific needs, offering advice and careful consultation as well as prototyping to properly test products in their potential work environment. We also offer Ecodesign, a program that can help make your product more environmentally sustainable by reducing waste, energy, raw materials and more.

About us

Since 2004, Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc. has made its name by providing unique, responsible rubber products to the industrial marketplace.


Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc.
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