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Rubber Extruders: Gaskets in many Shapes and Sizes

We make rubber gaskets that ensure moisture or gases won¿t seep out of your machinery. Rubber gaskets are known for their impermeability, blocking leaks in a variety of applications. Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc. makes gaskets that offer this protection, along with extra benefits. We can design gaskets in shapes and sizes that work best for your machinery. Our materials ensure that your gasket will withstand harsh conditions and we can add a range of other features to your order.

Strong, durable gaskets

Before production begins, our team of designers will go over your specifications and work conditions to learn the best possible options for your needs. They can then suggest tweaks that will make the finished product more effective. Many different shapes and sizes are available, including o-rings, grommets and more. Potential benefits can include resistance to scorching heat or freezing cold, as well as high performance and durability in the face of damaging chemicals. During production, we can increase the value of your gasket through options such as colouring, logo work, making the rubber adherent to rubber or mesh, giving the rubber a tighter tolerance and more. We use top-notch synthetic or natural rubber in each product we make. With materials such as neoprene, silicone, Fluoroelastomer, nitrile rubber and more, we are sure to have a rubber solution for you.

Wide application

Our ability to manufacture custom gaskets ensures that we can produce a wide range of sealing products. They work in many different industries, including mining, aerospace, bioscience, electronics and more.

Expert design and capable performance

We manufacture each product according to a flexible design and production process. This allows us to make highly individual gaskets that better suit our customers¿ needs. In the design stage, we can suggest augmentations to your specifications that will allow your product to function well in your specific environment. We can also make prototypes that allow you to test products before committing to a whole order. Our manufacturing can be done in-house or at partner facilities, which makes for better products and faster delivery time.

About us

For over 10 years, we¿ve produced high-quality rubber components for a range of businesses.


Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc.
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