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Vibra Finish Limited is a manufacturer of vibratory finishing, centrifugal finishing, tumbling, separating, vibro-peening, tapping, handling and custom built equipment. Refurbish, Retrofit & Maintenance programs are available. Distributor of industrial washing, blasting and waste water treatment equipment, ceramic-steel-plastic media, sandblasting equipment, parts & glass beads. Vibra Finish/Obertec Limited provide production finishing services including deburring, vibropeening, burnishing,vibro-strengthening, polishing, descaling, derusting, washing, shot blasting, blasting, painting, labeling, and packaging. We blend metal cleaning and rust inhibiting compounds. ISO-9001:2015.

Year established: 1972
Number of employees: 49

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We carry six different types of glass finishing beads, each offering a unique grade

Bead Finishing Glass

We offer glass finishing beads that can leave your parts with brighter, more lustrous finishes. When manufacturing parts, the last step can be among the most important. Not only does surface finishing make your product more aesthetically pleasing, it removes imperfections like burrs that could potentially affect the part¿s performance. Vibra Finish Ltd.¿s glass beads can help you make the most out of this procedure. Our selection ensures that, no matter the finish you¿re looking for, we have a bead that can help you reach it. Many different textures available We carry six different grades o...

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Our mass finishing methods can produce a wide range of surface finishes

Blasting and Mass Finishing

Blasting and mass finishing from Vibra Finish Ltd. can ensure that your products achieve an excellent surface consistency and sheen. Hand finishing parts can be a timely and expensive procedure. In an age of mass production, you need an option that will have your products ready for use quickly. We can use our expert blasting techniques to make your part both stronger and better looking. Whether you want a scrubbed, polished look or a clean, even consistency, we have blasting options that can help your parts achieve the exact finish you¿re looking for. Blasting types available Blasting is an...

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Our facilities have over 150 machines to ensure you get the right finish for your product

Custom Tumbling

Custom tumbling from Vibra Finish Ltd. ensures that your parts receive the surface consistency you desire. Our facilities are fully equipped to carry out many different tumbling applications, each guaranteed to improve the quality of your part. Our design team works with you to determine the most beneficial procedures for your parts and provide careful plans to trained operators. The result: finely produced, durable parts with the perfect surface. Tumbling options available If you need a custom tumbling application fulfilled, we have the tools and services necessary to get the job done. The...

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The Vibra VF-15FB is a flat bottom tumbler that offers unprecedented ergonomic handling

Deburring Equipment

Vibra Finish Ltd.¿s deburring equipment is sure to remove unwanted metal from your parts. Our machines cut out the middleman, allowing you to add cleaning and finishing parts to your manufacturing workflow. This will help you achieve greater efficiency and give your parts a smooth, desirable sheen. With a wide selection of tumblers available, we are sure to offer an option that fits your budget, applications and workspace. Many tumbler types available Many of our different finishing machines offer excellent deburring performance on a range of parts. Generally, barrel tumblers can provide mu...

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Our rust removing products are sure to give your products an unmatched shine

Rust Removing Chemicals

With our wide selection of rust removing agents, trust Vibra Finish Ltd. to provide the solution to your corrosion problem. Rust can present a serious structural flaw in your products in addition to weakening their aesthetic value. Our products wipe out that risk, with added value in each product, including greater polishing power, the removal of oxidation and more. Burnishers, pickling agents and inhibitors available Many of our cleaning agents can handle rust deposits, leaving your product looking like new again. Our pickling agents include Compound 24 and Compound 310 both strip away har...

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We have many different types of vibratory tumblers that perform a range of finishing applications

Surface Finishing Equipment

Vibra Finish Ltd. manufactures and sells innovative surface finishing equipment that is sure to make your products more sleek and lustrous. Our products use innovative vibratory technology performs deburring, polishing and rounding work quickly and effectively. Ideal for metal parts, this equipment works with various types of media to strip away imperfections such as burrs, leaving a clean and vibrant finish. Many different types of equipment We offer a wide range of equipment that can help give your products a smooth, shiny surface. With everything from bowls to tumblers, media to dryers, ...

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We offer shaped media in addition to our coarse aluminum oxide and steel grit

Vibrator Finishing Ceramics

We offer vibrator finishing ceramics that help clean, deburr and polish your parts. Any product you sell needs to look and perform at its best. But freshly manufactured products are rarely perfect upon completion, and require additional finishing work to ensure they maintain proper lustre and function. Vibra Finish Ltd. provides ceramic media that, when used with vibratory finishing techniques, can remove pesky imperfections and improve the quality of your part in no time. Our proven methods will not only make your part more pleasing to the eye, but will allow it to work better within your ...

We offer Products and Services in 83 Categories

Vibra Finish is committed to providing the highest quality and service to our Customers, utilizing a well trained and committed team. We work with our Suppliers to ensure we get the best price and the best materials on time. "Together We Finish With Quality"

Brian McGillivray, President

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Vibra Finish/Obertec Limited is committed to continuous improvement, employee development and productivity enhancements to ensure the organization can meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and other requirements. We ensure this policy is understood and implement at all levels in the organization. We believe an effective, consistent Quality System and well-trained and skilled staff will ensure the delivery of exceptional service to all of our customers. "Together We Finish With Quality"

Areas of Expertise

  • Coin Manfacturing / Govenment Mint

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Vendor of the Year - Royal Canadian Mint

  • Rebuilding Services

  • Production Finishing

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Production Finishing services since 1972 to the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Consumer Products, Heavy Equipment

  • Surface finishing equipment & services since 1972 to Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Consumer Products, Heavy Equipment

  • Repair services to many makes and models of equipment and machinery.


  • Tel. (905) 366-8283

    Mr David Gibson
    CI, Research & Development Manager

  • Tel. (905) 366-8289

    Mr Dwayne Perry
    Sales Representative

  • Tel. (905) 366-8286

    Mr Jim Seabrook
    Engineering Manager

  • Tel. (905) 366-8787

    Mr John Van Eerde
    Materials Manager

  • Tel. (905) 366-8282

    Debbie K Blowe
    Systems Manager

  • Mr Brian McGillivray

  • Tel. (905) 625-9955
    Ext. 246

    Ms Bethany Groat
    Quality Manager

  • Tel. (905) 366-8285

    Mr Clive Graham
    Production Manager


  • ISO 9001:2015

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