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Welded Chain

Welded chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. are sure to take care of your most stringent and testing applications. Heavy shock and rough conditions can decimate your components, leading to excessive wear and lowered performance at best and broken chains at worst. A broken product means more than just buying a new product, though. It can threaten your employees' safety and cost a fortune in lost revenue. These chains are sure to prevent these outcomes, allowing you to maintain a safe workplace and stable production pace.

Unbeatable durability

Our line of welded products includes mill and drag chains, which are designed to complete difficult and intensive tasks. By fusing sidebars onto bushings and pins, we create chains with better fatigue resistance. They are also stronger than most other brands, using tight fitting to secure through pins to side plates.

But these aren't the only benefits our mill and drag chains offer. Components like rivet heads are designed for longer performance, eliminating the need for repairs. We conduct extensive shot peening on our barrels and sidebars, creating a stress layer that forces pressure outward for greater strength. This creates a strong and durable chain overall, with optimal resistance to both shock and wear.

Used in many different production plants

These chains provide heavy-duty strength and durability, standing up to fatigue, abrasion and more. With applications in lumber, pulp, milling and more, they are sure make a bold new addition to your assemblies.

Unbeatable savings

We price each of our items to ensure that our customers receive the most value for their purchase. We've proven this with our new Advantage database, which measures the total savings our customers earn by shopping with us. Since Nov. 2014 alone, clients who bought a Tsubaki product have saved over $2,746,654.

About us

As the Canadian arm of the Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. sells some of the most innovative power transmission products in the world. With chains, belts, sprockets and more, trust us to help keep your equipment moving.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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