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Transmission Chain

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offers transmission chains that can help make your business move smooth and quick. Whether you need to power your equipment through motion or simply want to get your products from one place to another, these chains are sure to perform well for longer than the competition. With benefits ranging from shock protection to strength, speed to temperature resistance, there is little our chains can't do for your business.

Drive, engineered and conveyor chains

We make three different chains for your transmission needs, including drive, engineered and conveyor chains. Each come in anti-corrosive chains, which prolong your product's life and efficiency.

Our chain drive products are designed to transfer power when used in conjunction with sprocket gears. Products like our Agri-Tuff chain minimize shock, allowing for smoother performance and more power transference. Others, like the bull edger, can provide high-speed performance with their alloy-treated components. If you want a cost-efficient transmission product, try our G7 chain, which uses groove bushings to last 30 per cent longer than the competition.

Engineered chains offer the same performance excellence. If you require a completely clean and sanitary environment, products like our red meat processing chain are perfect for your needs. Asphalt chains resist heat and other occupational hazards, while draw bench chains are custom-made, ensuring you always get a product that suits your application.

Finally, conveyor chains can help you move products through an area quickly without breaking or damaging them. Accumulating conveyor chains combine stability, cost- and energy efficiency for added value, while can feeders allow for easy automation of can filling and indexing. Curved attachment chains also allow you to move products more flexibly for greater space management.

Wide variety of functions

Chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. are designed to help you transfer motion, power and even products from one area to another. These functions are used in applications from assembly lines to power transmission work. As a result, they are commonly used in industries including retail, lumber, manufacturing, mining and more.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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