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Timing Pulleys

Timing pulleys from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can help regulate your drive, making it more efficient. We know that every transmission assembly is unique, so we manufacture goods to suit a range of equipment. Whether you need high or low horsepower, we have the tool for you, with many of our pulleys offering greater precision and less noise.

Range of pulleys available

With three different types of pulleys available, we are sure to have a product that can perfectly sync up with your drive systems.

Our trapezoidal pulleys offer better than average accuracy in applications that require less horsepower. Best suited for use with stock, taper, finished bores, as well as many others, these items come static balanced, making them a versatile timing solution.

THT models, meanwhile, are exceptionally well-rounded, offering above-average performance in nearly every category. Suitable for medium-power applications, these products deliver precise handling while reducing noise.

Finally, the PerformaGrip has the highest power rating of any pulley we stock. Able to support timing belts of greater strengths, they represent a quieter and less intensive alternative to roller chain systems.

Each of these products comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions. For more information, please consult our catalogue.

Necessary in many industries

These timing products are designed to help your assembly adhere to a set speed ratio, making them important in many belt drive assemblies. As a result, they are essential components for equipment in the manufacturing, mining and lumber industries, as well as many others.

Added value

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we know that a responsible business is one who looks beyond the bottom line. As a result, each of our products are designed and manufactured to meet ISO standards for environmental sustainability and product quality.

About us

Since 1973, we've established ourselves as a national leader in power transmission equipment. Whether you need pulleys, sprockets, belts or conveyors, turn to us to provide the most reliable equipment in the business.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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