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Timing Belts

We sell timing belts that are sure to make your equipment more efficient and save you money on needless repairs. When you buy a belt, you are getting a product that needs to be cared for. Excessive use and heavy applications can result in lowered performances, decreased productivity and costly servicing. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has belts that can ensure you won't need to spend to keep your machines functioning. Our belts are stronger and more precise, offering new innovations that allow your machines to function quietly and safely.

Two types available

With timing belts designed to suit specific applications and a wide selection that allows for more choices, we are sure to have the belt for you.

PX Belts use a tooth contour to allow for greater torque drive, which results in 1.6x better transmission compared to trapezoidal belts. They also feature better jumping torque and dimples that reduce noise. With pitches ranging from two to 14 milimetres and belt lengths that range from 80-1820 mm and 1120-4508, we have belts for any system.

We also carry the PX Belt in an HC type for added strength and precision. The HC model rarely need to be retensioned and comes in blue, allowing operators to easily check on wear. These models do not generate dust, allowing for better drive performance, and come in eight and 14 mm pitches.

For details on our other belt options, please visit our website.

Uses in many industries

When used with pulleys, timing belts are used for power transmission applications, which makes them essential to mechanical equipment in industries such as manufacturing, mining, lumber and more.

Savings guaranteed

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. makes buying a cost-efficient transmission product easier than ever! We recently introduced our Advantage database, which tracks the savings our customers earn by shopping with us. Since Nov. 2014 alone, we've helped customers conserve more than $2,746,654.

About us

We've devoted ourselves to bringing Canadians that best power transmission equipment in the world since 1973.


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