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Threaded Bushings

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd.'s threaded bushings help your components stay in place, making for smoother operations and greater efficiency. When your business relies on equipment, you want to be sure that even the smallest parts hold up their end of production. Loose products can cause your assembly to lose transmission power, which lowers productivity and damages your equipment. Save on costly repair costs and lost revenue by using our effective bushings. Guaranteed to stay in place, these products come in a range of sizes and options to fit in perfectly with your equipment.

Locked-in bushings

Our taper lock bushings feature threading on their holes. This makes tightening hubs to the bushings easier and helps stabilize and secure the bushing. Taper lock products are made of materials such as carbon and stainless steel, while plastic and nylon varieties are available upon request. Bore sizes come in ranges of 1/2¿ to one inch, all the way up to 15/16¿ to three inches. Metric sizes are also available.

From mining to manufacturing and more

These products are valuable for their ability to hold pulleys, sprockets and other components to a set position. As a result, they are highly effective within timing belt applications, as well as many others. Taper lock bushings are common parts in industries such as mining, forestry, automotive and more.

Savings and standards

Throughout its 40 years history, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has made its name by offering top quality power transmission equipment. This reputation for excellence comes in part from our standards and policies, which ensure add value in all of our products.

As believers in corporate responsibility, we make each of our products so they meet ISO 9001 and 140001 standards. The former helps us achieve higher quality for every component we manufacture, while the latter ensures that all of our operations are environmentally sustainable.

We also help our customers stay within their budget by offering fair and competitive prices. As of Nov. 2014, we had helped clients save $2,746,654.

About us

As the Canadian arm of the Tsubakimoto Chain Co., we bring innovative transmission solutions to Canadian businesses.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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