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Tabletop Chain

Need a tabletop chain that gets the job done for less? Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has the perfect solution for you. Not only do we offer excellent prices, but our conveyors can help reduce energy costs while still maintaining a steady production rate. They also eliminate the need for costly repairs or expensive parts. With models that keep your products safe and fit your unique space needs, our options are carefully designed to offer you maximum value.

Less noise, less cost, more performance

We offer a tabletop chains that can help make conveying products more efficient for your business. Our roller table chains make minimal noise while in operation. Made of plastic rollers, they require less energy and line pressure, which means that you are bound to save more money while damaging less products.

These models come in two types. The RT produces less friction than standard tabletop chain models, resulting in less wear on your goods. ST chains, meanwhile, allow for greater flexibility through right angle loading.

Each of these assemblies are made up of standard parts, which makes for easier operations and less maintenance. They can also be assembled quickly so you do not have to wait to get it in motion.

Conveying for a number of industries

Tabletop chains are designed for conveyor applications, allowing for the quick and easy movement of products from one area to another. These products are commonly used by professionals in retail, manufacturing, food processing and more.

Dedication to value

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we feel it is our responsibility to give customers as much value for their purchase as possible. That's why we have achieved certification not just for quality standards and testing (ISO 90001), but also for environmental sustainability (ISO 14001).

In addition to making our products worth your purchase, we also offer them for less. The Advantage database tracks all of the savings our customers have received from us. All told, we have saved customers $2,746,654 as of Nov. 2014.

About us

With sprockets, chains and more, we have helped Canadian businesses with their power transmission needs since 1973.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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