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Steel Chain

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. manufactures steel chains that are stronger and more versatile. Standard chain options lead to standard results. To help your business achieve its higher potential, we make a line of chains that work in a variety of applications. Whether you need thick plates, tensile strength, resistance to heat, cold or corrosion and more, we have the chain for you.

Variety of functions

With a wide selection of steel chains to choose from, you are sure to find the product that best meets your specific applications with Tsubaki of Canada Ltd.

Our leaf chains come in two types. The AL type features similar dimensions and pin diameters to a standard roller chain, while the BL type has thicker plates. They differ from roller chains in their tensile strength, offering greater performance.

Many of our steel chains offer added value in their design. KT cold-resistant drive chains provide the same horsepower as a roller chain, but can operate in temperatures of -40 degrees. Meanwhile, our corrosion-resistant chains use three different types of stainless steel, pairing long-term performance with strength and the ability to withstand harsh temperatures.

We also have welded mill and drag chains that prevent the degradation of components by replacing them with a solid, welded assembly that resists heavy shock.

Finally, all of our bushed chains are made of high-quality steel, as well as many of our components. From bushings to pins to sidebars, you can trust our parts to stand up to anything your applications throw at it.

Versatile performance

Professionals in a range of industries use our chains for many different applications. For example, we design our leaf chains for motion transfer and hanging applications, while our drive chains are commonly used for power transmission purposes. This versatility allows us to cater to professionals in the lumber, forestry and mining industries, as well as many others.

About us

We have brought some of the best power transmission products across the Pacific, allowing Canadians to take advantage of the innovation of the Tsubakimoto Chain Co.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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