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Steel Bushings

For steel bushings in any size and bore size imaginable, turn to Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. Bushings are essential for a variety of chain-based power transmission applications, and while they are small, they represent an essential part of your equipment. A bad bushing can dismantle and entire assembly, leading to costly repairs or replacements, potential damage or worker injury and lost productivity. Our range of steel products offers durability and high performance, so you never have to worry about faulty performance again.

Two steel varieties available

Most of our bushings come in steel and stainless steel varieties. These include our taper-lock, QD, split taper and XT models. The taper lock models feature bore ranges from 1/2 to one inch all the way up to 15/16 to three inches. Split taper bushing bores, meanwhile, span 3/8 to 15/16¿ all the way to 6 1/4 to 7 7/16¿.

XT bushings work best in conveyors, as they feature excellent holding power. They're also easily added and taken out of assemblies, minimizing installation costs.

We also offer a range of hubs for each model listed above. They're constructed from bar stock and suffer from less heat distortion compared to non-welded hubs.

Essential for power transmission and conveyors

These products are designed to be used in conjunction with chain-based power transmission and conveyor systems. This makes them a valuable tool within industries such as logging, mining, food processing and more.

Standards and savings

If you're looking for a company you can trust, look no further than Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. Our business practices are designed to deliver the best price and the most responsible products to our customers.

We are compliant with both ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 standards, ensuring each of our products meet with stringent international standards. We also provide excellent pricing for our customers, saving $2,746,654 as of the end of 2014.

About us

No other company blends wide selection with effective pricing like Tsubaki of Canada. For chains, sprockets, belts and more, trust us to deliver proven solutions to your business.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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