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Sprocket Gears

We sell sprocket gears that offer excellent performance, no matter what type of assembly you use. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has gears that can help drive your transmission, as well as options for general conveyors. Whether you're looking for an easy fit or stability and security, performance or versatility, we have gears that, when combined with hubs and chains, result in top notch power transmissions.

Great for use with many different chains

Our sprockets for drive chains and small conveyors represent excellent gear-based options for your needs. The former features standard and strong pilot bore models, the latter of which features hardened teeth for longer performance and less wear. Pilot bore models require machine finishing, which we can perform. We also sell two types of lock sprockets. These include the S-type, which tightens onto the shaft using four to eight bolts, and the N-type, which only features one nut. Finally, our drive chain sprockets come in a single dual model, which forms a conveyor with two single chains. Our drive sprockets also come in stainless steel and engineered plastic for greater environmental sustainability and corrosion resistance.

Gears for double pitch chains come in standard, fit bore and lock series, with the former made of carbon steel and the latter offering easy attachment and detachment. If your sprockets face high corrosion rates, we offer a rust resistant model made of stainless steel.

If you are working with a free flow chain, we have gears which work perfectly in many different applications. Our outboard roller model reduces chain interference, while other models work well with double plus chains.

Used in many industries

Our gears are designed for use within conveyor and drive chain assemblies. Able to perform a range of transmission operations, these products are ideal for use in industries such as lumber, food processing, mining and more.

About us

With operations based in Japan, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. brings the world's best power transmission equipment to you.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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