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Sprocket Chain

Chain sprockets from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. provide more tolerance and precision than any other model on the market. Our larger models offer more speed, strength and endurance without compromising on efficiency, while our small models retain accuracy and precision. We also offer couplings that help you achieve greater torque than standard sprocket/chain combinations.

Variety of sizes and styles

With a variety of sprockets and couplings, we have all the products you need to make a fully interactive assembly. Our small sprockets come in pitches ranging from 1/4" up to one inch, while our large sprockets are available in pitches from 1 1/4" to three inches. Each come in a variety of styles, including split tapers, QD, multiple strand, taper-lock and more.

We also carry couplings that allow for greater torque than other sprocket and chain combinations. Made of two roller chains and two sprockets, these assemblies come in QD and taper-lock varieties with centre-link plates and single pin connectors for sturdy construction.

Options are available that can help maximize the life of your couplings. Covers can help the coupling survive longer when moisture or friction are present, while bearing grease acts as an effective lubricant between the cover and coupling.

Multi-industry applications

These assemblies are useful for power transmission applications in industries such as mining, manufacturing, lumber and more.

Unmatched cost-efficiency

We provide customers with an unmatched purchasing experience. Our products are some of the most cost-efficient on the market, with customers saving over $2,746,654 since Nov. 2014 alone. Combined with our dedication to environmental sustainability and quality, these policies help make Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. one of the most customer-friendly power transmission equipment suppliers on the market today.

About us

With sprockets, bushings, chains and more, we have all of the tools you need to make a highly-efficient power transmission assembly.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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