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With pulleys that fit right into your transmissions, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can help your machines run smoothly and efficiently. Our pulleys provide value at every turn. When you purchase a Tsubaki pulley, you¿ll benefit immediately from our low prices and quick delivery time. That usefulness will continue through the life of the product. Our pulleys are durable and stable, which ensures that they will continue to function efficiently throughout a long life.

Two pulley options

We carry both friction lock and timing pulleys, with each offering stable performance that will keep your conveyor running without slipping. Our friction lock pulleys require little labour for installation and processing, allowing you to put them to work immediately. They also resist backlash, resulting in smoother performance and less wear on your components. With standard keyless lock, these pulleys are sure to stay in place and maintain a regular pace.

Our timing pulleys come in a stock model, which feature interlocking grooves that keep your belt in position. For non-standard sizes or applications, we also perform custom pulley manufacturing and sell bores with high quality finishes.

Power transmission applications

These products are designed for use in power transmission equipment, such as timing belts. As a result, they are essential to mechanical operation in equipment related to automotive, mining and forestry industries, as well as many others.

Responsibility to customer and environment

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we¿re dedicated to giving our customers the best value for their purchase. This inspired us to create the Advantage, a database that documents how much our customers save by purchasing from us. With our help, customers have saved over $2,700,000 since November 2014.

We also recognize the importance of responsible business practices, which is why we¿re compliant with ISO 14001 standards. By working to these guidelines, we are committed to providing sustainable products, leading to greater environmental conservation.

About us

We've represented the Tsubakimoto Chain Co. in Canada for over 40 years, bringing our strong and reliable products to the industrial market.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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