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Power Transmission Equipment

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offers power transmission equipment that can help make your business more cost- and time-efficient. Transmission problems can lead to hefty and unnecessary costs. Repairing components can be costly and once the damage is done, your machine might never run the same again. Failures can also result in downtime, which ruins your productivity and burns through money. Whether you need a lock that can prevent harmful shocks from overwhelming your system, a door that allows you to supervise functions properly without letting in contaminants, or a lock that stops backlash, we have the equipment that can help you overcome nearly any transmission obstacle.

Relays, doors and locks

From one-touch doors to power locks, we have utility components that can help make your transmissions more powerful. Our power locks fit between the shaft and the hub on your transmission easily, creating a bond between the two components to reduce backlash. While key-based systems can lost torque through transmission, this lock maintains an even level of torque, requiring less maintenance.

We also carry relays that can prevent overload damage in your components. This component allows you to shut down and restart your entire assembly quickly. This stops the shock from travelling through your systems and causing harm to your parts.

Finally, our one-touch doors allow you to easily supervise processes in assemblies such as conveyors, handling equipment and more. You don¿t have to sacrifice security for visibility, as these doors still keep out dust and moisture. Best of all, these doors are easy to install!


Our equipment is designed to work in many different industries and assemblies. Power locks can be used in conjunction with timing pulleys, sprockets, gears and more in a variety of industrial applications, while our shock relays are perfect for systems involving electrical transformers. One-touch doors are designed for simple installation within a variety of industrial equipment.

We've worked with companies in food production, automotive and mining to help make their business more efficient. See what Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can do for your company by contacting us today!


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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